Download Your Stadia Captures From The Web For Easy Sharing


It’s finally possible to download your Stadia captures so you can easily share them across social media or anywhere you damn well please.

That’s because you can now go to the Stadia website in Chrome and access your entire collection of game captures.

You’ve been able to view your captures inside of the Stadia app on phones since launch. However it wasn’t possible to download them or share them anywhere. The only way to actually share your captures was to bring it up in the app and then take a phone screenshot.


Even then this didn’t allow you to share the video captures. Now all that’s changed.

Stadia capture downloads is a big quality of life feature

Stadia is still missing some good features that were promised at launch. Which is a shame, but it has only been a few months since its launch and Google is starting to roll them out.

Now that you can actually download your captures this is a huge quality of life change for the platform. One that makes it really easy to share your loved moments from gaming on Stadia.


It also might be a great way to show friends or family that are skeptical about Stadia what the visuals actually look like from your own gameplay. Since streaming isn’t quite yet available, this is the next best thing to showcase the visuals.

It’s close to a first-hand experience, and really a much better option than video recording someone else playing if you want to show off the graphical power.

You unfortunately can’t batch download

Stadia Downloads


If there is one complaint it’s that you can’t batch download any of the captures. This isn’t a big deal at all. And it won’t bother some users.

It would however make things easier say, if you grabbed multiple captures from the same session and wanted to download them all at once. If you want to download all of them for any reason, you’ll need to do so one by one.

Once you’re at the Stadia website, you can click on each individual photo and hit the download button for that specific image. Then just repeat the process for any others.


It’s a tad bit tedious. The thing to remember though is that downloading these captures is finally here. For whatever reason, you still can’t download them from the Stadia app. Which would honestly make sharing clips or screenshots the absolute easiest they could be.