DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V Is A Feature-Rich Smart Intercom


Bird Home Automation has now released its new DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V globally. As its branding implies, DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V is an internet-connected smart intercom system. More succinctly, the stylish device is available in two styles and delivers two-way intercom capabilities to home or business entry points. That includes integration with smartphones, tablets, and smart home systems as well as a dedicated indoor station.

The company has designed its newest intercom system with a brushed stainless steel aesthetic and slim build. That's available in either V4A or V2A stainless steel. Moreover, it's available in a surface mounted on less prominent flush-mount designs. That allows users to interact with and, thanks to the D1101V's built-in camera, get a record of visitors.

Regardless of mounting configuration, the design can be mounted vertically or horizontally. That gives users more options when it comes to deciding on placement of this IP65-rated intercom.


DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V is feature-packed and smart home-ready

The features of the DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V start with its core functionality. That's as a home intercom system that connects via either WiFi or network cable, complete with a Full HD 1080p camera. The sensor here is built by Sony and delivers high-quality images and videos regardless of whether its day or night.

Bird Home Automation has equipped the latest version with a better lens than in previous products. It has also optimized the viewing angle for D1101V. But that's on top of a built-in configurable motion sensor that utilizes "4D technology" for more precise motion detection. The range on that is any motion within a six-meter radius.

Of course, that's coupled with high-quality speakers and a button for interaction between a home or business owner and visitors. Users are notified via either push notification or trigger a relay. That can be custom configured too, depending on which direction the motion is moving. So there won't be any more false alarms when users leave their homes. That's aside from push notifications sent when the intercom button is pressed.


Visitor images are stored with date and time stamp in the free cloud history and all interactions can be conducted via the free DoorBird mobile application.

Now, aside from intercom functionality, this device is also compatible with available smart home systems. That's thanks to the Open API interface, allowing not only video surveillance integration but also access control. Bird Home Automation coupled that with an integrated Bluetooth module. That allows for convenient keyless entry.

Pricing and availability

Bird Home Automation didn't provide many details about availability and pricing. However, the company does say its latest product is available worldwide.


The official DoorBird website shows pricing for the D1101V model as hitting at between $527 and $714. The cost depends on the variant that's been selected. At the bottom end of the spectrum is the surface-mounted version in Stainless steel. The flush-mounted version of the DoorBird IP Video Intercom D1101V costs $637.

Both variants are also available with salt-water resistant steel costing significantly more money. But the cost is likely to be justifiable for those in need of a greeting system for their entryways. Especially given the wide array of features and integration available.