Disney+ Sign Ups Are Tripling, Due To The Coronavirus Quarantine


Disney+ sign ups tripled between March 14 and March 21, compared to the week prior, and that is all due to everyone being at home for the Coronavirus quarantine.

Those that are at home, out of work, or those that are working, are looking for some content to watch and keep themselves busy during this time. Especially since we are unsure how long many of us are going to be out of work.

And those with kids home from school are very likely to be subscribing to Disney+, because it has so much kids content available. And the service is only $6.99 per month. Which is far cheaper than most other streaming services out there today.


Other streaming services saw a more modest sign up climb

Of course, Disney+ was not the only one that saw an increase in sign ups when the Coronavirus quarantine period started. However, for the other streaming providers, the increase wasn’t as drastic.

Netflix saw a 47% increase in the number of subscriber additions. That’s still a solid boost for Netflix, since it already has 61 million paid users in the US. HBO Now and Showtime also saw some steep gains, at about 90% and 78% respectively. But keep in mind that HBO Now and Showtime’s data do include free trials. And those services are known to have a higher churn than Disney+ or Netflix.

Apple TV+ only saw a 10% rise in subscribers being added the platform. Likely due to the fact that it is not available on a lot of platforms. Mostly just Apple TV, iOS devices and Roku. Meanwhile these other services are available on just about every platform out there.


This is huge for Disney+

When Disney+ launched last November, many people signed up right away. After all, Disney+ does have a ton of content available, and it also has some of the biggest movie franchises under its umbrella. Like Marvel and Star Wars. But after the launch, many decided to drop their subscription to Disney+, for many different reasons.

The major reason being the fact that there wasn’t a lot of new content. And the new content wouldn’t be available until around 2021. Though now it’ll be even later, with production being halted due to the coronavirus.

However, now, people are back to signing up because they need something to watch. And Disney+ also has a ton of content for kids, to keep your kids busy while you are working from home. So this is big for Disney+.


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