Deezer Revamps Its Podcast Interface For Ease-Of-Use, Discovery

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Deezer is now rolling out an update to the podcast interface shown in-app on both iOS and Android. At the heart of the new update, Deezer is making it much easier to find new podcasts to ‘watch’ to begin with. That’s being made possible with the new “Shows” tab.

Deezer spreads the shows over more than 15 podcast channels from comedy and fiction, to music and education. It stores specialty podcasts for self-help, parenthood, content for kids, and more under “Collections.”

The guide is not only more organized, complete with an easy-access download button for users who need something to listen to on the go. Deezer placed the latter of those features next to each featured episode of a podcast. It also comes complete with a full episode guide and descriptive text under the title. That should make it easier for users to browse the available content more rapidly.


Within the playback for any individual episode, the interface has received a second update as well. The most noteworthy of those is Deezer’s new progress bar. That will now show how much of an episode has been watched, complete with information pertaining to how long an episode is. The company additionally displays that information under each episode’s description.

Deezer for Android is getting at least one podcast feature that sets it apart

Now, this Deezer interface update is already going to make life easier for podcast-listeners on both Android and iOS. But there is at least one change that iOS users aren’t going to be immediately privy too. Namely, that’s the new “played” designator that lets users know if an episode has already been watched before.

The new interface element appears as a “played mention” over the top of the progress bar. That way, users on Android can easily see whether they’re rewatching something or not. It will also appear automatically on the world’s most popular mobile platform, with no extra input needed from the user. That brings Deezer in line with many of its competitors’ apps.


Users on iOS have access to a similar UI notation too. But they won’t see that mark appearing automatically to stop them from listening to the same podcast over and over again. Instead, Deezer says that they’ll need to mark that manually. There’s no word regarding when the feature will start marking podcast episodes automatically on the platform, as of this writing.

This follows other recent interface changes

Deezer says that the new podcast interface is available now in the US and UK, in addition to France, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Colombia, and the Netherlands. No details are provided regarding where it might crop up next or when. But, in the interim, this isn’t the only change recently made as part of Deezer’s push to modernize its interface.

Among other changes, the company also recently added a new casting interface for Chromecast. Summarily, the app now shows lyrics for music that’s being streamed to a Chromecast or Chromecast-enabled display. As with the new podcast interface, that feature isn’t exclusive to premium members either. Deezer has ensured that both features will work for any of its apps users.