Dark Knight Class Comes To Black Desert Mobile Alongside Tower Of Trials


Black Desert Mobile has just added a new class in its most recent update, the Dark Knight. Making this the seventh class available to play in the game, following the Sorceress which was added earlier this year.

The new Dark Knight class in Black Desert Mobile is accompanied by new gameplay content and new events for players to participate in, so you'll have something to do with your new class once you level it up enough.

That is if you have any open class slots available as the game only allows you so many. If you already have all of your character class slots taken up, then you'll need to delete one. Which doesn't happen immediately and instead takes a few days.


Black Desert Mobile's new Dark Knight class is a melee power house

If you like the melee characters in Black Desert Mobile, then check out the Dark Knight. It's a veritable power house with a huge sword with attacks that are fueled and enhanced by dark nature energy.

The result is a series of devastating blows while you're up close and personal with your enemies. You can view a few different types of attacks in the video below which briefly shows off their animations, but otherwise the best way to become familiar with the Dark Knight is to just try it out for yourself.

Dive into the Tower of Trials and check out the new auto features

Another big part of the content in this update is the Tower of Trials. While this is geared towards higher level characters because of the increased difficulty (you will need to be level 45 or higher) it does come with some pretty nice rewards for completion.


Each floor you complete gives you better and better rewards, too, including useful in-game items on top of a rather large amount of XP. The Tower of Trials is only available once a day so you won't be able to excessively farm it.

This also means you should be absolutely sure about which character you take into it if you have multiple classes that you play actively.

In addition to the Tower of Trials there are some new auto feature that have been added to the game. This includes a new auto-quest feature which completes quests for each character class in the family.


If you're short on time and don't really have the ability to level up the new Dark Knight class for example, then this would be a good way to get it going while you work or do other things. This is especially useful if you already have a class or two and don't want to go through all those beginning quests again.

There's also a new auto-craft feature for the Alchemy Stone window, which you can utilize as long as you have the necessary materials to complete the craft. There are a number of other changes that were included, all of which can be viewed from the direct patch notes for the game.