Coronavirus Causing Longer Wait Times For Google Store Support

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Google Store Support, as well as Pixel Support, are warning customers that wait times are going to be longer than usual, due to the Coronavirus.

The Google support team is working with a smaller team of specialists than usual, due to the Coronavirus. Which is resulting in longer wait times. And it is letting everyone know with a big yellow banner when they visit the support site.

Google support isn't the only one working with a limited team

With the threat of the Coronavirus, a lot of companies are working with a smaller team of employees than usual. While some are able to work from home, not everyone is. And employers are telling their employees that if they are sick, to stay home. As coming to work could cause even more issues for the employer.


Many companies are paying their employees, even if they aren't working. As that is one of the main reasons that people come to work sick. They can't afford to stay home and not get paid. This is because the majority of Americans do live paycheck to paycheck. And without a paycheck, they could fall behind on bills and even end up not being able to pay their rent or mortgage.

Google has also told all of its employees in North America to work from home. As have many other tech companies in the US. Including Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. However, there are some employees that have come down with the Coronavirus, which has resulted in less people working on its support team here.

Wait times are still pretty normal though

As of the time of writing this, support times for both Google Store and Pixel support teams are closer to the normal time-frames. Which includes chat being about three to five minutes, a callback in about two minutes and email support between 18 and 24 hours.

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But it is still a good idea by Google to let everyone know that wait times could be longer than usual due to the Coronavirus. As customers can and will get upset, when they have to wait quite a bit longer than usual to get some help.

And Google is pretty good about under-promising and over-delivering. For example, if Google says it might take five minutes to get a response over chat, and it's actually closer to two minutes. You're not going to complain. You're going to be happy and get your problems solved. So this is a good route for Google to take.