Cheap AT&T Prepaid Plans Now Starting At $15

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Unprecedented times call for comparably historic measures, including cheap AT&T prepaid plans. The second-largest U.S. carrier and its flagship subsidiary hence introduced a number of super affordable options earlier this week.

Starting today, new customers will be able to get unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data for $15 per month. The deal won’t include any activation fees and will be offered by both AT&T and Cricket Wireless.

The move’s quite obviously aiming at the newly debuted T-Mobile Connect. Meanwhile, all AT&T and Cricket customers with limited plans will receive an extra 10GB of monthly data for the following two months.


As direct products of special circumstances, these offers probably won’t be here for long. Be that as it may, AT&T hasn’t provided any details on the duration of the promos.

AT&T’s final time-limited promo involves an additional 10GB of hotspot data but only applies selectively. Eligibility encompasses the company’s Prepaid Unlimited Plus plans, as well as Cricket Unlimited. While that may not seem like a lot, it at least includes Cricket customers who usually aren’t paying for any hotspot data.

Are cheap AT&T prepaid plans here to stay?

All of the newly introduced plans and related benefits are part of the Keep Americans Connected pledge. With the Federal Communications Commission as its sponsor, the initiative is likely to continue yielding results moving forward.


AT&T’s far from the only wireless player participating in the effort, though it’s certainly among the most well-funded ones. On the other hand of the aisle, we still have over a hundred rural carriers pleading for money in order to follow suit.

It’s still unclear whether the FCC will grand that wish – partially or entirely. What’s certain is that the pledge’s initial draft attempts a one-size-fits-all solution that won’t work in the long run.

Speaking of long runs, these cheap AT&T prepaid plans presumably aren’t here to stay for long. In all likelihood, they will run for a couple of months tops. That’s assuming the stateside situation stabilizes in the meantime, of course.


The silver lining is that the company’s network shouldn’t have issues holding up, with AT&T reiterating as much earlier this week. Further adding to its relief efforts are the so-called “monthly appreciation bonuses” amounting to $1,000 per employee. Those will be paid out to AT&T staffers unable to work from home in the months ahead.

Follow the link below for more details on AT&T’s newest prepaid deals and other related efforts.

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