Caviar Announces Limited Edition Galaxy S20 Covered In Gemstones


If you thought these 24K Gold Galaxy S20 phones, prices of which start at around $4,400, were a bit too much, you might be in for a shock. Caviar, the Russian company known for its luxury customization of popular smartphones, has just announced a collection of limited edition Galaxy S20 Ultra that will set potential buyers back up to $40,210. Yes, a whopping forty thousand dollars for a smartphone!

Caviar calls its collection "Galaxy S21 Fortune" in reference to BlackJack, the card game. The company is offering the devices in five variants. You can choose between the "Ace" versions of the four card suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, or opt for the "Joker" version. Each model in the collection is limited to 21 units, which is the winning number in Blackjack.

Coming to the prices, these ultra-expensive devices start at $5,660 for the Ace variants of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This handset has a back panel made out of gold and onyx with an engraved relief image of the ace.


The Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker edition, meanwhile, features a volumetric image of the Joker made of fine gold (750 content) embedded in a back panel made of composite kirinite. It also has three rubies and three sapphires stuck to the back. Guessed the price? Yes, this is the device that'll cost you the crazy $40,210.

If you have this much money to blow on a phone but the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a bit too big for your liking, Caviar is also willing to sell you a Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus on request.

The Ace variants of these devices cost $5,210 and $4,750, respectively. The Galaxy S20 Plus Joker edition will set you back by $39,760, while its S20 counterpart is priced at $39,300.


Galaxy Z Flip Cavier edition

Caviar also has customized versions of the recently launched Galaxy Z Flip. They also feature Caviar's specially crafted back panels made of precious materials of the highest quality. Prices start at $5,430 for the Carbon Titanium variant and go up to $6,160 for the Golden Baroque Z Flip.

You can also find similar luxury edition Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Fold, as well as other variants of the Galaxy S20 on Caviar's website.

Note that these devices only have an exclusive exterior. They offer the exact same set of features as a regular Galaxy S20, which you can buy for far less.


In fact, you might actually get one fewer features. The gold-plated back means these ultra-expensive phones most likely don't support wireless and reverse wireless charging.

All three Galaxy S20 models feature 15W fast wireless charging and 9W reverse wireless charging.

The latter is extremely helpful in charging your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds+, or any other compatible gadget, including smartphones, when they run out of battery and you don't have a charger handy.