Camera Go Brings Better Camera Experience To Android Go Phones

Camera Go for Android Go

To make Android better for the next billion users, Google is announcing Camera Go for Android Go and delivering a better camera for entry-level devices.

Camera Go for Android brings a better camera to entry-level phones

The saying goes that “you get what you pay for.” That is, you can’t pay “entry-level” and expect “flagship.” And yet, Google is challenging that notion with its Go Edition apps.

Google’s new camera app follows all other Go Edition apps. It is lightweight to use, doesn’t consume much storage, and provides a quality photography experience.


The new camera app provides a Portrait Mode for professional shots. As for worrying about storage, there’s no need. Google’s new app deletes unnecessary photos.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) shines. The app is for first-time users, so there isn’t much to see in it. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t come with many flagship camera app features.

The new Camera Go app will be available first on HMD Global’s Nokia 1.3. Other Android Go phones will receive it soon after. There’s no official word on when the new camera app will arrive on the budget Nokia phone.


Why Google’s Go Edition app suite needs a lightweight camera

Google says that at Android Go’s inception, users told the Android owner that it wanted “a better camera.” Better cameras are the upswing trend in mobile these days.

While many say that quality cameras are only for flagships, Google wants to make Android a better experience for all its users — not just premium buyers. When Android becomes better for the least of buyers, it becomes better for all buyers.

A large number of Android users globally rely on Android for their phone needs but can’t afford flagships. To improve the experience for its 100 million monthly active Go users, Google is, as the song says, “giving the people what they want.” Phone buyers at the $50-$60 mark can get a decent camera experience without the added cost.


Google’s work on a lightweight camera for entry-level phones is in step with what the company is doing in the rest of its Go Edition app suite.

Google’s YouTube, Maps, Files, and Google Assistant Go apps provide basic Android functionality while remaining lightweight in size. Back in 2018, the search engine giant’s new Google Go app gave users a lightweight search engine.

Google unveiled Gallery Go last year to give Android Go users offline photo gallery and search functions apart from the cloud.