Bleach: Immortal Soul Pays Homage To The Manga By Focusing On Story


Bleach fans, now is the time to get back into the story of the series as a new game called Bleach: Immortal Soul has launched on Android today.

It's perfect timing too. As it was just confirmed last week that Bleach would finally be coming back to the anime to tell the story of the 1,000 year blood war arc. Thus wrapping up the anime that at one point was one of the most popular anime in history.

Bleach: Immortal Soul likely won't be incorporating that part of the story since it was only available in the manga and never animated. However the game still has a lot of content to sink your teeth into.


Bleach: Immortal Soul focuses on storytelling and turn-based RPG combat

Unlike Bleach Mobile 3D which is focused a lot on action RPG combat and real-time gameplay, Immortal Soul is a lot more about the story.

It takes a heavy focus approach to storytelling both through dialogue during the game and through recreated scenes from the anime. Those recreated scenes will also technically be playable, essentially letting you play through the story of Bleach as if you were Ichigo Kurosaki himself.

Combat is also turn-based like many JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy, so you have time to react to what's going on. If you loved the Bleach story, this should do it justice and be a nice throwback to a story that you were fond of.


Anime-style graphics, multiple play modes and more

It wouldn't be a game based on an anime if the graphics themselves weren't in the anime style. This game definitely uses anime-style graphics, though the characters definitely have an almost chibi look to them as the characters during the actual gameplay appear to be a little bit shorter.

Using Bleach Mobile 3D as a comparison, you can see how the characters are designed a bit differently while still staying true to the anime and manga designs.

There's multiple play modes in the game too. There's the story mode which is essentially like a campaign, then there's also an Elite mode where you can unlock rewards for your characters.


If you prefer PvP modes, then you'll want to check out the Battle Arena mode where you can engage in PvP-based combat with other players. Lastly, there's also daily Seireitei challenges that offer unique rewards for completion each day you log in.

If you happened to be one of the people that pre-registered for the game before it launched, you'll be gifted with various in-game items including 200,000 gold coins and high-level exp tonics. You can also view the new launch trailer for the game below as well as download it via the Google Play button.