Bethesda Shares DOOM Eternal Launch Details For Stadia


DOOM Eternal is officially launching on Stadia this month and Betehsda has taken the time to share some launch details about the game.

Bethesda's post isn't just about Stadia, but it does include it as Stadia is one of the platforms the game will be available to play on. This is especially important for players since it launches on the same day as other platforms too.

The post isn't crammed with a ton of information. Just a small set of necessary basic details.


Bethesda: DOOM Eternal on Stadia will be up-sampled to 2160p

Those wondering if DOOM Eternal will run at a native 4K on Stadia now have their answer.

In this blog post Bethesda mentions that Stadia will not actually be true 4K. Instead it will up-sample from 1800p to 2160p. Only on a 4K TV or monitor though.

If you're running a 1080p TV or monitor then the game will run at 1080p. The good news is that both resolutions will run at a solid 60 frames per second.


Stadia players may not be getting the absolute best resolution available, but they will get a smooth frame rate. And that's not a bad trade-off. That being said there are no doubt some users who were hoping for a true 4K resolution.

But just like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2, the game will be up-sampled instead.

You can technically play the game on March 19

DOOM Eternal's official launch date is March 20. But, the timing of the game's unlock availability makes it so that you are technically able to play the game early.


According to Bethesda DOOM Eternal will unlock on Stadia at 12:01am Eastern Standard Time. Which means those of you on the West coast of the US will be able to play the game at 9:01pm Pacific Standard Time.

Now, you aren't really playing the game any earlier than anyone else in the US on Stadia or any other platform. At least not those with digital copies. You're just technically playing it a day earlier based on the time difference.

If you pre-ordered a physical copy of the game or you're planning to buy the physical copy, you may have to actually wait until business hours open on March 20 before you can slide that disc into your console.


DOOM Eternal will also support HDR on Stadia. So although the game won't be true 4K, it will have the more vibrant colors of high dynamic range. Bethesda also notes that DOOM 64 will unlock at the same time as the main game.

Though it's still not entirely clear if Stadia users will get this since it's listed as a pre-order reward.