Best Free Slots Apps For Android

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The game of slots is truly a worthwhile game to participate in. This game is very simple to play and the prizes that people have the chances of winning make it very worthwhile. In the past, the game of slots required people to gather at a specific place in order to play. This required people to have to move and travel to the location that the game was held in.

Nowadays, the game of slots is readily accessible to people on their computers, where they simply log in online. Another easily accessible manner that people can play slots is through their smartphones. This is because there are a multitude of slot games that you can easily download and install on your Android phone. This gives you the ability to play the game as you are travelling on a bus or on a train.

If you are at work, you can easily play slots on your lunch breaks. You can even invite other colleagues to play the game with you, as this will prove to be very amusing and worthwhile. At home, you can also play the game as you are relaxing on your beds, couch, or even while in the bathroom.


What are Android slots?

For those who are unaware of what Android slots are, they are games that let you play slots practically anywhere and everywhere you go, assuming that you are able to connect to the Internet via WiFi or mobile data. And obviously, Android slots also require that you use a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system and with the required touch-screen capabilities to roll the virtual slots in the online game.

So, if you have Sony, Samsung, LG, and other brands of Android mobile device, you have the capability to join a mobile slots game via your mobile browser. You may also make online slots more accessible by simply downloading the app and installing it on your phone so that at any given time of the day if you feel like testing your luck at slots, you will have instant access.

What are the best Android slots apps?

There are so many different android slots apps that you can install on your phone. You simply just need to take the time to look for them at your phone’s Play Store.


When you choose an application, it is wise that you check how many people have downloaded the app for this is an indication to just how reputable and genuine it is. The worst thing that could possibly happen to you is when you suddenly win a big grand prize and then find out later on that the slots game that you chose is a hoax. This may cause you a lot of heartache and pain.

Therefore, it is imperative that you exercise due diligence by researching the site. You may even go to mobile slots forums online and become a member. As a member, you will be able to interact with other users. Here you can post a question about which slots games are the best.

Here are the top 5 slots that are worth checking out:


1. Starburst

Starburst is one of the more famous slots from games provider, NetEnt. This game was created in 2012 and is a classic online casino game that still remains one of the most fun slots until today. What makes it an attractive game are the free spins promos and welcome bonus free spins for new members.

The secret behind Starburst’s massive success is its simplicity. The game plays out on five reels with 10 paylines which means they are both ways win option. Of course, the graphics showcase a hint of nostalgia from old casino halls is present but not overwhelming. Although there is only one bonus function in this game, players will never feel like they are missing out on something during games.

One of the major selling points of these slots is the Starburst Wilds function. Even when categorized as a low-variance game, you can still win big if Lady Fortune is on your side. Starburst is indeed a fast-paced game that features a whole lot of fun that we bet you’ll keep coming back for more.


The most popular and in-demand bonus features are the Starburst jackpot max win and expanding sticky wilds. Despite the lack of free spins of this game, it is still a hit among new and old slot gamers. The RTP average of Starburst is at 96.09%

2. Bonanza Big Time Gaming Slot

Bonanza is easily one of the best online slots that you can access via your Android mobile device. It is a medium variance gameplay that delivers a great potential for winnings. The Bonanza Megaways Slot is unique; from its entertaining music, distinct reel layout, to the unmatched win ways and unparalleled potential.

It is a 6-reel gold mine-themed game that features cascading reels, additional horizontal reels that boost help form winning combinations. There are also increasing win multipliers and staggering amount paylines reaching up to 117,649. The medium-variance slots game can be played with 0.20 to up to 20 per spin in Android devices.


The graphics and designs portray a gold rush narrative. In the background, you’ll see hills, waterfalls, and the iconic small hot from Lil’ Devil. The first six symbols are in the shape of playing cards with different shades. They are the aqua 9, blue Q, green K, red K, purple A, and yellow 10. Five-coloured gemstones are high-payer symbols.

Bonanza Big Time can multiple your wager by up to 50 times your stake for a six-of-a-kind combination.

To this day, Bonanza Big Time is still one of the most dominant online slots. With its simplicity, it’s one of the favourites among online players. The RTP of Bonanza Big Time is at 96.0%


3. Wolf of Legend

Wolf Legend is yet another slots game from developer Megaways. It comes with 6 reels with the variance between 2 and 7 symbols on every spin, which result in 117,649 wats to win. This mobile app slots game is typically played using a cascading reels engine. After winning, the winning combination symbols simply burst and quickly replaced by new ones. The cascades resume and become a part of the chain, so long as new wins are created.

Wolf of Legend is set against a rustic canyon background with a gloomy howling soundtrack, hence giving it an American Wild West Vibe.

The reels showcase A to 9 royals alongside wild animals such as the bison, cougar, bald eagle and golden wolves. The Golden Wolves feature is most rewarding as it gives players a reward of up to 50 times your stake if your slots come up with 6 adjacent reels. The lone wolf with a super moon backdrop is the wild and may appear in 4 positions above the reels.


The wolf with the super moon backdrop is the wild and can only appear in the 4 positions above the reels.

Some of the bonuses and rewards of this game include the Golden Streak Feature where players get a chance to win free more spins, the Gamble Screen which allows you to walk away to play bonus with additional free spins, or you may choose to gamble with the hopes of winning up to three extra lifelines and bonus Golden Streak spins. There is also the Legend Free Spins Bonus Buy feature that allows players to buy 75 times your total stake if you cannot wait for the bonus to drop. The RT of Wold Legend averages on 96.21%.

4. Rainbow Riches

The oddly primitive but highly seductive sounds and visuals make Rainbow Riches a favourite among slots players. These features soon became iconic symbols of the game itself.

The Rainbow of Riches slows uses 6 reels and a random set of symbols per reel and on each spin resulting in 117,649 ways to win in full expansion mode. Just like other games from Megaways, this slot game also features cascading reels, with additional freebies such as Super Gem Bonus treat that transforms visible gems into matching symbols.

The free spin round with unlimited win multiplier is also a nice bonus that players can use. The Rainbow Riches from Megaways is available on all Android devices between 20 cents and 20 Euros per spin.

The developers ensure to keep the final design true to the original game. The same goes for other crucial aspects, including aesthetics and sounds while playing. And with the Irish theme, the reels are enclosed in gold on a stunning lush green countryside as background. A rainbow shoots out of the pot of gold.

On the reels, you will see the usual A to 10 royal symbols as well as purple, blue, green, and orange games. The most significant of gems is the diamond with six-of-a-kind delivering up to 50 times a player’s stake. The wild symbol comes in the shape of a horseshoe and replaces for all regular symbols.

This slot game also comes with a Super Gem Bonus feature that occurs when a Super Gem appears on a horizontal reel. The high-value gemstones in view change into one matching randomly chosen gemstone.

The Free Spins feature is the highlight of this game and delivers substantial wins. It is triggered when four or more scatter symbols are in plain view located anywhere on the main reels, which in turn give players with 12 starting pins. For one extra scatter in view, 5 additional Free Spins are rewarded. Just like any Bonanza-type slots, this game is all about unlimited win multiplier which actually increases by 1 on each winning cascade. During free spins, +1, +2, and +3 signs appear at the top reel for additional spins.

Other features and bonuses that you can use during this game are Buy Pass, Take a Chance and Bonus Bank features. The default RTP of Rainbow Reaches average on 95.90%

5. Piggy Riches

The two main characters of this slot game are Lady Pig and Gentleman Pig. This game is a remake of the classic Piggy Riches slot. This game is developed by NetEnt and Red Tiger. This porcine-themed slot has expanded gameplay and graphics that are short of amazing.

This game looks different from other slot games produced by NetEnt and Red Tiger. In this game, players get 6 reels and up to 7 symbols on each slot which means you can get 117,649 ways to win at full power. Its cascading wing system clears winning symbols of the screen to allow new ones to fall into the bank slots. You can enjoy a series of wins from a single spin which comes into full effect during the free spins you are awarded. This is a low variance game and can be played for 10p/c each up to 10 Euros.

The low pay 10-A symbols feature gaudy designs and the high pays symbolize a piggy bank, car keys, golden card, and a bulging purse. These symbols need up to three or more for winnings. The bag loot symbol lets you win which needs only two to pay. The bag of loot is known to be 20 times the stake and is the most valuable to play in this game. The remaining high pay symbols return between 1.2 to 5 times at the most.

Gentleman Pig contributes with his Mega wilds that can cover an entire reel and have win multiplier of up to x7. In this play, up to three can land simultaneously, and then combine their multipliers for higher winnings.

This modern version of Piggy Riches is medium to high-variance setting. This is perfect if you desire high payouts. The RTP of the game is under an average of 95.71% resulting in a balanced math model that delivers smaller wins to keep players addicted while waiting for bigger winnings to drop.

So, what are you waiting for? Install these top slots on your Android mobile device today by going slotcatalog.com. There are no disadvantages to winning great prizes and developing new friends free of cost.