Benchmark Highlights Powerful Upcoming 'Drallion' Chromebook


A new Chromebook codenamed "Drallion" has now reportedly made an appearance in a Geekbench benchmark as the Google drallion. The benchmark doesn't necessarily provide new details since Drallion had already been seen in the Chromium code repository. But it does seem to confirm that this gadget or at least one of its variants will be among the most powerful Chromebooks ever built.

To begin with, the benchmark notes that this Chromebook features a six-core 10th-Gen Intel Core i7 CPU. Specifically, that's a still-unannounced Intel Core i7-10810U, clocked with a base frequency — in the test — of 4.9GHz. That figure isn't necessarily the true base clock for the chipset. But the model designation does set the component ahead of other Intel Core i7 chips in terms of performance.

Backing up that chipset, Drallion packs a whopping 16GB RAM.


The Drallion codename has appeared as a Chromebook before

Aside from featuring a previously unused chipset, deeper specs, and RAM, Drallion has already been reported on before. As noted above, that's because it's already been spotted in the Chromium Gerrit.

Among the details revealed prior to Drallion showing up in a benchmark, the code repository hinted that this Chromebook will come with an integrated privacy screen. The technology would be used, as its name suggests, to drastically reduce viable viewing angles for the display. The purpose of that would be to make it harder for the contents on the screen to be viewed except when viewed from directly in front of the device.

In this case, that technology may also be turned off or on as needed. Another detail found in those previous reports is that the privacy screen would be toggleable in the Chromebook's Settings app.


Drallion was also shown to be shipping with a unique keyboard with secondary function key assignments and media-playback keys. Building on that array of Enterprise-like features, this Chromebook was also shown to include Bluetooth 5.0 support and Wi-Fi 6.

at a unique keyboard may be used for the boards Drallion is based on. Those are expected to include both secondary function key assignments and media-playback keys. The new extra row could take the form of something similar to Apple's Touch Bar or be entirely different.

With regard to a release timeline, at the time of those reports, it was speculated that Drallion could land as early as late 2020 or early 2021.


There are still a few fuzzy details here

Now, there are still at least a few fuzzy details when it comes to what kind of Chromebook Drallion will be. To begin with, it's reportedly being built by Compal. That narrows things down in terms of which companies might be responsible for Drallion. That includes brands such as HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

Although Drallion is shown as a "Google" device in the benchmarks, it's more likely this will be a Dell Chromebook. That's not only because almost all Chromebooks that appear in benchmarks are labeled as "Google" devices. Drallion has a suspected 2-in-1 counterpart in the Chromium repository dubbed Drallion360. The two gadgets are based on the 'Sarien' and 'Arcada' boards.

Both of those boards were previously used as the base for Chrome OS devices from Dell in the Enterprise segment of the market. So Dell seems to be the most likely candidate for an OEM for this Chromebook but that can't be said with certainty.