ASUS Starts Android 10 Rollout For ROG Phone II


Android 10 is now officially rolling out for the ASUS ROG Phone 2. That's according to the company's gaming division ROG Global, which posted about the rollout on Twitter.

Details about the firmware update from ASUS are slim. But a screenshot shared by one responding Twitter user does highlight a few changes. First and foremost the changelog runs through some housekeeping, informing users to backup their system and that the update will address both Android itself and security patches.

The changes listed include the removal of Go2Pay and image library tagging functions. It also points to the addition of more Aura system lighting options. Quick Settings have been adjusted with advanced options for automatic brightness adjustments and game profile changes have been made in ASUS's Armoury Crate game center.


Details are slim but here are some Android 10 goodies that should be included

ASUS may be keeping mum about updates included in Android 10 for the ROG Phone 2. There are a few features and additions that should be included by default as part of that Android update. Two of the biggest changes are alterations to navigation, via gestures, and dark mode.

The new gesture-based navigation may or may not make its way over on ROG Phone 2. But, if it does, it will mean primarily that users have a new action that they can perform to navigate "backward" in the system UI. Swiping from the left or right edge will now perform the same action as a back button click or tap. Swiping from the bottom, conversely, will return to the home screen.

Slowing down the swipe up and holding on the screen loads up the recent apps.

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Dark mode, on the other hand, will almost certainly make its way over as it's one of the most sought after features in Android. As its name implies, turning on Dark mode in settings — also referred to as Night mode by some OEMs — turns the system UI dark. That reduces eye-strain in some environments but also for those who have medical conditions impacted by bright screens with light colors.

The theming also applies to most applications that have a dark theme automatically when it's turned on at the system level in Android 10. So users won't need to individually turn on dark mode for many of their apps.

Check for your ASUS ROG Phone 2 Android 10 update now

The update for ASUS's ROG Phone 2 is going to be a slow rollout since this is a globally available device.  And the company didn't provide any details regarding which regions might see the firmware first. In the interim, checking manually for Android 10, which will arrive as an OTA, is fairly straightforward.


To look for the update, users need to open up the Settings application and then scroll down to the "About" section. Under that, the option for "System update" should be presented. That doesn't guarantee earlier arrival of the firmware but in some cases can speed things along. ASUS typically uploads its firmware to the official ASUS website too. But that doesn't appear to be available for Android 10 for ROG Phone 2 as of this writing.

There may also be at least a few hiccups with this rollout, still unconfirmed by ASUS. Several comments responding to the announcement indicate that the notification to update arrived but that the firmware update itself was missing.