Anime RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Launches On Android

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross 2

The new cinematic adventure RPG with anime visuals from Netmarble, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, is now available to download from Google Play.

It’s based on the anime The Seven Deadly Sins that you can watch on Netflix, and it’s rather easy game to get into and play. Thanks to its use of card-based combat. Battles are also turn-based so you can take your time with your decisions, making it feel a little less chaotic.

If you like the Seven Deadly Sins anime, this is an RPG you will appreciate

If you’re a fan of the anime then you will no doubt like this game. It pays homage to it in many ways and even has an anime feel to it.


That’s because there are over 100 cinematic scenes throughout the game that you can watch. So it feels like a playable anime more than just an RPG with anime visuals.

All the characters are there too, or at the very least all the major characters that you may have come to know and love from the show or manga.

There’s a large roster of playable characters too. So you can put together a team that you love and meshes the most with your particular play style. Not all of these characters will be available immediately of course, but overtime you will be able to gather them up.


Pre-registered players will get tons of in-game rewards

Netmarble reached its goals for pre-registration and then some. So to reward every player that pre-registered for the game prior to its launch today, it’s giving out a nice cache of in-game loot.

The rewards will include Meliodas as an in-game character, as well as a costume and weapon for him. Players will also get 30 diamonds and 100,000 gold. Which are the premium and non-premium in-game currencies used for purchasing all manner of things.

Lastly there will also be a box that players will be able to gran once they login that contains various in-game items and a costume for Elizabeth, another playable character.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a free-to-play game which does contain both ads and in-game purchases. But if you’re eligible for the rewards mentioned above then you’ll have a nice little nest egg of stuff.

You can download the game from Google Play right now, and if you’re interested in watching the launch trailer you can do so below.