Android TV Now Has Over 160 Cable TV Partners Globally

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If you like watching TV then your options are more convoluted than they’ve ever been, but watching can be easy with Android TV and its list of cable TV partners.

As a platform, Android TV has come a very long way from its Google TV roots. For the better, too, as it’s a platform where you can access a ton of different forms of entertainment, not just TV.

For the TV watchers, though, Android TV is one of your best options thanks to the partnerships that Google has fostered over the last few years.


Android TV has over 160 cable TV partners around the world

These partnerships make Android TV the excellent choice that it is. And there are now over 160 different cable TV partners that support the platform.

This is globally of course, and not all cable TV partners will be available in each region as everything is localized. You get the idea though. No matter where you’re at, if Android TV is available you have options.

As you can watch everything in one place making access to any of your content as simple as it can be. You have the most popular options like Netflix and Hulu, HBO NOW, Sling and more, and more niche options like Red Bull TV.


AT&T TV is the latest partner supported on the platform

The latest partner to support Android TV is AT&T TV, which just launched nationwide. However it was available prior to February in some regions, just not across the country.

AT&T TV has quite a bit on offer just from it alone without having to subscribe to any other services. So it might be a good option for some users.

Worth keeping in mind though is that it only supports up to three simultaneous streams per account. So if you have more than three people in the home wanting to watch TV, one is going to be left out.


All that aside, Android TV’s main benefit is having everything laid out for you in one place. Though that’s not its only good perk.

It also gives you hands-free control thanks to the Google Assistant integration, and a new more easy to use interface that rolled out for the Play Store recently. Android TV is also now more accessible than ever, since it’s baked into TVs and standalone boxes.

Basically you can have it however you want it. Whether it’s a TV that has it built-in or a box that you plug into the TV separately.