Amazon To Sell Its Cashier-Less Tech To Other Retailers

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Amazon has announced that it would start selling its cashier-less self-checkout technology to other retailers. The retail giant reportedly has already “inked several deals” with interested retailers to use the system.

Amazon did not reveal the names of those “interested retailers”. It also did not say anything about how much the technology would cost businesses.

The company says installation would take “a few weeks,” depending on whether it’s being implemented in a new or existing store. It will also have a 24-7 support line for its customers.


According to CNBC, Amazon was earlier in talks with OTG’s CIBO Express stores in airports and Cineworld’s Regal theaters to use its cashier-less system. It was also looking to launch the technology at concession stands in baseball stadiums.

Amazon has also launched a new website detailing how this technology works. The website answers several FAQs about this new business line.

Amazon cashier-less self-checkout system

Amazon’s cashier-less self-checkout technology, which it has dubbed “Just Walk Out,” powers its several Go stores across the US. It enables shoppers to “simply enter a store, grab what they want, and just go”. No need to stop and stand in a checkout line.


However, unlike the traditional Amazon Go cashier-less stores, where customers need to scan the Go app on a turnstile when they enter, stores with the Just Walk Out technology let customers in on swiping a credit card at the door. Ceiling cameras, weight sensors, and other sensors through the store will then automatically track customers and items they pick.

If they walk out with an item, it’s charged to their account. Customers can ask for a receipt by entering their email address into a kiosk at any store. Amazon will send receipts to that address every time the credit card is used at a Just Walk Out store.

The same set of features will also be available at all third-party stores with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. And while branding and store aspects will be controlled by individual retailers, the turnstiles will display the logo “Just Walk Out technology by Amazon.”


Amazon currently operates 26 Go stores across the nation. These stores recently started accepting cash after states like Philadelphia banned cash-less stores. Amazon says it will be up to retailers to decide whether they want to accept cash at their stores.

Since Amazon would be tracking your movements in the store as you shop, it can easily gain valuable insights into your purchasing habits and use them for tailor marketing.

However, the company says it won’t collect any other user data beyond a shopper’s email address, which is linked with their credit card to send receipts. Hopefully, the company will remain true to its words.