Amazon Prime Video Finally Introduces Profiles


Amazon Prime Video has finally introduced profiles. Allowing users to share their subscription with other people, but not share their recommendations and progress in different TV shows and movies.

Profiles is a feature that we've seen come to just about every streaming service imaginable. And it was quite surprising to see that Amazon Prime Video did not have this feature, until today.

Amazon Prime Video now supports up to 5 profiles

In the latest update to the Amazon Prime Video app, you can add up to five profiles to use the service on a single account.


This means that you can have an account for yourself, as well as one for your significant other, and maybe even one for your kids.

This is not meant to be used to share Prime Video with a ton of people that don't live in your home. But for those that do live in your home. Essentially, to keep the stuff you like, away from the stuff your significant other likes.

And for a kids account, you can also make sure that they aren't watching something they shouldn't be. Which is super important, now that everyone is at home.


Currently, profiles are available on Android, iOS, 10th-generation or newer Fire tablets, current-gen Apple TV devices and Chromecast. It'll roll out to more devices in the coming days, like Android TV.

This is perfect timing, Amazon

As already mentioned, this is really good timing by Amazon. Since the majority of us are at home now, either working from home, or temporarily out of work. And our kids are also home from school. And if you are working from home, you can now put on Prime Video onto a kids account and let them watch all day long. Remember that Prime Video does have a ton of kids content available too.

This was a much needed feature, and one has to wonder why it took Amazon so long to start rolling it out, but it is nice to see it finally available on Prime Video.


Those that aren't aware, Prime Video is actually included in your Prime subscription. Which costs you either $12.99 per month or $119 for the full year. Depending on how you choose to pay. And given the content that is available on Prime Video it is definitely worth it. If you are not a Prime member already, you can sign up using the link below.

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