Amazon Hasn't Canceled Prime Day, Yet

amazon prime day 2

Despite literally everything being canceled already, Amazon has not canceled Prime Day. At least not yet.

While sporting events, trade shows and much more have been canceled, Amazon still plans to continue on with its Prime Day event in July.

Prime Day normally falls on the second Tuesday of July, though, in recent years it has become a multi-day event. Where Amazon discounts all sorts of products, making it (sometimes) better than Black Friday. Typically, July is a pretty dead part of the year for retailers like Amazon, so it’s a good time for Amazon to do a big shopping day. But given what’s happened in the last couple of months, it might not be a good idea.


Amazon is hoping this pandemic is behind us, come July

Most of everything that has been canceled already, occurs before July. Mostly in March, April and June. Many are hoping that we will all be back to work and somewhat back to normal by the time mid-July rolls around. And Amazon is one of those.

Though, investors likely aren’t clamoring for Amazon to do a Prime Day this year. After all, a lot of what Amazon sells has been out of stock. Particularly when it comes to essentials like toilet paper, paper towel, and soap. Which means that Amazon is actually likely benefiting from this pandemic. Since a number of people are worried about leaving their hours.

But having Prime Day would mean that we are somewhat back to normal, which is what everyone would like to see. Amazon has made plenty of changes lately, including delaying shipments of products that are not “essential”. And it has also all but stopped its Gold Box deals. For example, there isn’t one today. And the days that there are ones, they are typically focused on digital goods. Things that you can buy, and Amazon doesn’t have to ship to your door. Keeping everyone safe.


Prime Day is still far away, it’s about three months away still. So things could change between now and then. But as for now, it appears that it is still on track and will happen around mid-July. Of course, this is subject to change, and Amazon could end up doing it, but only putting essentials on sale, as well as digital goods. Amazon is also working to adjust to this new “normal” that we are all finding ourselves in. So we’ll have to wait til the end of June to find out.