AKG N400 Truly Wireless Earbuds Spotted On Samsung's Website


AKG, a subsidiary of Samsung-owned Harman International, has quietly taken wraps off its new AKG N400 truly wireless earbuds. Samsung is offering the new earbuds as a part of a special offer in South Korea, where customers buying its new QLED 8K Infinity TVs can save 50% off the AKG N400. Since neither Samsung nor AKG have officially announced the new earbuds yet, there's no information regarding its full price or specifications.

The AKG N400 buds were first spotted in sketches in Samsung's SmartThings app back in July 2019. Although design details are lost in the relatively low quality of the image shared by Tizen Help, the buds don't seem to keep the design revealed in those sketches last year.

AKG N400 earbuds now available in South Korea

Samsung's ongoing promotional offer will run till March 16. It's unclear if the AKG N400 buds will see a more widespread release after that.


As of now, they remain exclusive to the South Korean market. Samsung is currently offering the AKG buds in Black color only. However, we should see more color options with expanded availability.

It would be interesting to see how the AKG N400 compares to the Galaxy Buds+ in terms of performance. Samsung's newest buds are of course tuned by AKG and they offer impressive battery life and sound quality.

The AKG N400 would be fully made and tuned by AKG, and if they are aimed at the premium wireless earbuds sector, expect an equally-impressive sound quality on those as well.


Check out our review to find why we think the Galaxy Buds+ are the best truly wireless headphones on the current market.

As for the AKG N400, we will have to wait for more details on its specifications. Hopefully, the buds will be reaching global markets in the coming months.

AKG Y600 headphones

Along with the AKG N400, sketches of two more upcoming AKG headphones were spotted in the SmartThings app last year.


While the AKG Y400 looked to be on-ear headphones, the AKG Y600 seemed to over-ear headphones. Although both the headphones continue to elude the market, the latter made a second surprise appearance online late last year.

Support for the AKG Y600 headphones was added to the AKG Headphone mobile app in December last year. The accompanying description on Play Store revealed that the AKG Y600 noise-canceling headphones would provide up 25 hours of music playback via Bluetooth.

The description did not include any specifications, availability, and pricing details. However, it did hint of an imminent launch. Hopefully, we'll see the AKG Y600 headphones on the market soon.


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