A New One Piece Game Is Out On Android Today


Last month Bandai Namco announced that it would be launching a new One Piece game on Android called One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

That game is now available to download from Google Play and install on your device. This is a match-3 puzzle game so it's a bit of a different offering from other games based on the popular anime/manga series.

It still features many of the same iconic and lovable characters though. So if you're a fan of the series then this will probably offer at least some enjoyment. Perhaps during times when you can't devote yourself to a game that requires total concentration.


This is the first One Piece puzzle game on Android and mobile

There are already a few One Piece games on Android already but this is the first one in the puzzle genre to reach mobile devices.

It's a match-3 puzzle game too, so it's relatively easy to pick up and play. Like any other game of its type, One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! will have you mainly matching together strings of the same character bon bons on the board.

There are some other gameplay elements though. As you collect the different character bon bons while you play, you'll be able to place them anywhere you like on an in-game island that you can create.


It might not be the thing you interact with most in the game, but it will no doubt be a nice change of pace for some players every so often.

Look out for those rewards in your in-game mailbox

If you happened to be one of the people who pre-registered for the game before it launched today, then you have some rewards coming your way.

There were a number of rewards set up for anyone who pre-registered after each pre-registration number goal was hit. It looks like the game was able to smash through all of its goals. Which means players will get all the rewards that were lined up.


To start, players will get 1 2-star Chopper unit, as well as 2,100 Rainbow Pearls, 4 Transponder Snails, 1 Rainbow Piece, 1 Bomb Piece, 4 Arrow Pieces, 23,000 berries, and 100 Decor Coins.

All of these should appear for you in-game the moment you log-in even if it's your first time jumping into the game. It's also possible that it may take a bit for things to show up. Or at the very least to access the rewards as some games make you go through a tutorial before you can do anything else.

You can download One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! for free from Google Play via the button below. The game also has an official Instagram page that was opened today, which may post things from time to time that are useful to in-game activities.