4v1 Horror Game Dead By Daylight Will Launch On Android April 16


Dead By Daylight Mobile will officially be coming to Android next month. Specifically the game will launch on April 16.

The game was confirmed to launch this Spring. At the time though there was no specific date as the game's developers, Behavior Interactive (partnering with NetEase for publishing), hand't said anything about it.

The confirmation came through this morning and mobile gamers will now be able to experience the action of the popular game on their phones in just under a month. You can also still pre-register for it right now.


If you haven't already done so, you can access the pre-registration page on Google Play via the button below. It's also possible to pre-register through the official website if you prefer.

Dead by Daylight on Android will be mostly the same as on other platforms

Mobile games get a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason. Sometimes not. The end result though is a more skeptical player base when potentially great games from well-known franchises are headed towards mobile platforms.

Part of this is due to the fact that other mobile ports have been vastly different than what players remember. This isn't always a bad thing, but it has led to player expectations being let down.


In the case of Dead By Daylight Mobile, gameplay will be mostly the same. Behavior Interactive has already confirmed that the mobile version of the game will have the same modes as the other versions. It'll offer the same gameplay too.

And to top it all off the game will still be fully optimized for mobile devices and touch screens. Overall this should lead to good player experiences.

Don't forget about the pre-registration rewards

Pre-registration doesn't always bring gifts. But it usually does. The same thing is true with Dead By Daylight Mobile.


Anyone who pre-registers will get a reward for each tier goal that is met. There are three tiers to hit, and naturally the last tier will be the best reward so if you're interested in playing this game and want that reward, get your friends in on it too.

To recap what the pre-registration rewards are, it starts with the Weekend Shirt and other various items as well as in-game currency for tier 1.

Tier 2 will be a mix of similar stuff, but more currency than the previous tier. Lastly for tier 3, players will get more than double the amount of currency of the first tier. Alongside another collection of various in-game items, including a playable character.