24K Gold Galaxy S20 Series Is Here, If You Have Money To Burn

Samsung Galaxy S20 series 24K gold

Goldgenie has just announced that it’s taking pre-orders for 24K Galaxy S20 series handsets. All three devices are available, the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra.

This company is based in London, and it specializes in customizing sought after gadgets. It usually customizes them with precious metals and stones, which often include gold and diamonds.

24K gold Galaxy S20 series handsets are really expensive

Now, as you may presume, the Galaxy S20 devices with 24K gold are not cheap. If you thought that the three phones are expensive to begin with, you’ll probably want to skip the next paragraph.


Pricing for these three devices starts at £3,397, which is the price for the regular Galaxy S20. If you’d like to get the ‘Plus’ model, you’ll need to add £200 to the price of the S20. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most expensive one, it costs £3,797.

Do note that those price tags are for 4G models, not 5G variants. If you’d like a 5G variant, you’ll need to add £100 more on those price tags, for the Galaxy S20 and S20+. The ‘Ultra’ is available in a 5G variant only, but you can choose between 128GB and 512GB storage variants.

All three phones are now listed on Goldgenie’s website, and if you’re interested, pre-order links are included below the article. Do note that the phone will ship your way 14 days after the March 13 release date, so, at the end of March.

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You can check out what these phones look like in the image provided above. As you can see, 24K gold is applied to basically all portions of the three devices except for the display. At least it seems like it on these images. These devices will definitely turn some heads.

As far as specs are concerned, we’re not really sure if these are Snapdragon or Exynos variants. Europe got the Exynos variants of the three phones, but these could be Snapdragon models. You’ll need to reach out to the companies if you’d like to find out, as that info is not listed on the website, nor has it been shared thus far.

Limited stock will be available

Goldgenie will make a limited stock of these devices available. That’s not surprising, as not many people can purchase such expensive devices.


The Galaxy S20 series of devices was announced last month. The company announced three devices that are different in terms of size, and specs, to a degree.

All three phones share the same design, except the camera modules on the back. They’re made out of metal and glass, and include really thin bezels. A display camera hole is also a part of the offering.

All three phones ship with Android 10, and Samsung’s One UI 2 skin on top of it. All three devices come with 120Hz displays, and have quite powerful specifications.


Pre-order the 24K gold Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra