You Can Pre-Order The Galaxy S20 Series From T-Mobile Next Week

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra AM AH 3

T-Mobile just announced that it will carry the Galaxy S20 series smartphones from Samsung, and pre-order availability will open up next week.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. T-Mobile is a major carrier in the US and it’s sold the last few major devices from Samsung. As have other major carriers.

Sprint has also confirmed that it will be selling the phones. Which is good news for anyone already on the network leading into the planned merger that just recently got the approval from the US District Court.


As for when you can place your pre-order for the Galaxy S20 on the T-Mobile network it’s only a matter of days.

You can pre-order the Galaxy S20 from T-Mobile on February 20

Looking to get your hands on the phone? You won’t have to wait too long. Like Sprint, the Galaxy S20 will arrive on the T-Mobile network on March 6.

And if you’re looking to pre-order you can do that on February 20 which is next week Thursday. Though you can pre-register for the device right now. Also just like Sprint, T-Mobile will be selling all three versions of the device.


This means you’ll have your pick of the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, or the Galaxy S20 Ultra. All of them are 5G, and all are equipped to work on T-Mobile’s 5G network.

This is a bit different than Verizon, as it will only sell the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra on the initial launch date. Due to the Galaxy S20 not working on its 5G like the other two. It will however begin selling the phone sometime in Q2.

The Galaxy S20 will only work on T-Mobile’s l0w-band & mid-band 5G

While the Galaxy S20 will work on T-Mobile’s 5G network, it’ll only be on the low-band and mid-band networks.


This is because the phone isn’t equipped to handle the mmWave technology that the high-band network is based on. That being said, T-Mobile’s network is covered in its low-band and mid-band 5G tech, so you should be just fine getting those faster speeds.

The Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra will work on all three. So that means it can connect to the low-band, mid-band, and high-band mmWave spectrum, meaning you’ll have the best opportunities for coverage with one of these versions of the new phone.

They’ll be a tad bit more expensive, but it might be worth it since you get the extra coverage capabilities.