Xiaomi & Gupshup Partner Up To Bring Smart SMS To MIUI

Xiaomi Gupshup smart SMS partnership

Xiaomi had partnered up with Gupshup in order to bring smart SMS to its smartphones. The two companies will incorporate Gupshup’s software to MIUI’s messaging application.

Xiaomi and Gupshup are bringing smart SMS to MIUI smartphones

Xiaomi and Gupshup have announced this partnership in order to offer smart SMS to MIUI users. Now, this may sound a bit weird, and some of you may think this is RCS we’re talking about, but it’s not.

Gupshup’s advanced AI-powered features actually enable automated classification and smart visualization of messages. That should help users manage their messaging inbox more efficiently.


To explain it in plain terms, Gupshup’s software will analyze incoming messages, and present them to you in a much more appealing format. Don’t worry, the whole process will be conducted on your phone, locally, no data is being sent to Gupshup’s servers, or anything of the sort.

So, for example, if you receive a bank statement via SMS, or flight info, that can look pretty horrible. A bunch of text, and somewhere in there is the information that you actually need.

Well, thanks to Gupshup’s AI, all that info will look far better after it gets processed. This AI can show you all that info in a card form, and highlight the important stuff.


When you receive a message, this AI will first categorize that information as an OTP message, banking info, e-commerce, travel, or something else entirely. There are tons of categories it can put it in.

After that, it processes the information, and sends it your way in the best form possible. All of this is being done almost instantly on your phone. So, you won’t have to wait or anything of the sort.

Gupshup partnered up with OnePlus in the past as well

Gupshup had partnered with OnePlus in the past as well. You can actually check out a video that is embedded down below, which will explain the whole process.


Gupshup says that the update with the new features is live in the latest version of MIUI 11, and is available across MIUI smartphones. This information has been announced in Bangalore, India, but the features should be available on all global Xiaomi smartphones.

Those of you who hate clutter, will probably really like these changes. As you can see in the provided video, only the most important information is shown, and in a really appealing format.

Don’t worry, this software will not mess up your private messages, or anything of the sort. It’s in place to make sure all the other stuff gets relayed properly.