This Could Be Xiaomi's Very First 5G Tablet, The 'Mi Tab 5G'


Xiaomi is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that still releases tablets, from time to time. The company's allegedly upcoming tablet has just surfaced, the Xiaomi Mi Tab 5G, its first 5G tablet.

This device has been leaked in both renders and specifications, in fact. Both of those have been shared via Weibo, in an internal chat. The person who shared them claims the information has been provided by a source inside Xiaomi's company.

This could be the very first 5G tablet from Xiaomi, but take the info with a grain of salt

If that is true, the information is probably accurate. We have no way of verifying that these images and specs do come from such a source, though. So, take this information with a grain of salt, as it's easily possible it's not legit.


In any case, this tablet, if the leak is accurate, will offer rather thin bezels. What's interesting here, is the fact that its volume up and down buttons are placed really high up on the left side.

The power / lock button is placed rather close to those volume buttons, as it sits at the top of the device, all the way to the left. The device's corners will be rounded, if this leak is accurate.

The very first 5G tablet by Xiaomi will allegedly be called the 'Mi Tab 5G', and it will include one camera on the back. Above that camera, you'll notice an LED flash.


The device will include a rather large display, judging by the size of that camera module, compared to the overall size of the tablet. We'd say that its display will be larger than 10 inches in diagonal.

The source also claims that the device will include a display with a 144Hz refresh rate. It does not mention the size of that display, nor its resolution, which is why we had to guess.

A front-facing camera is nowhere to be found

What's interesting here, is that a front-facing camera is nowhere to be found. That is yet another reason we think this may be fake. A tablet should definitely include a front-facing camera, the under-display camera tech is nowhere near ready for primetime.


A 10-megapixel camera will be placed on the back of the device, claims the source. That whole camera module will protrude on the back a bit. Xiaomi's logo is also visible on the back of this tablet.

The source claims the device will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865. That would be quite unusual for Xiaomi, as the company never includes the latest and most powerful SoC in its tablets.

Two SIM card slots will also be available, and so will an NFC chip. The source also claims that a magnetic keyboard accessory will be available alongside this tablet.