Visible To Carry Samsung Galaxy S20 From Day One


Update: Visible confirmed it will also carry the Galaxy S20 Ultra starting with late March. The original article is as follows.

Visible confirmed the Galaxy S20 line's availability details on its network immediately after Samsung announced its new flagships on Tuesday.

Verizon's prepaid unit hence stated it will start retailing the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ on March 6.


Visible's promo prices for early adopters of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ will stand at $984 and $1,176, respectively. The company revealed as much in a release sent to media outlets earlier today but has yet to say anything about potential pre-orders.

Visible customers and those looking to join the growing network should expect more details on the matter to follow this week. The big four are already offering pre-orders on all three devices as of today.

The current state of affairs suggests Visible won't be retailing the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Not a huge surprise as that's the only member of the series that supports milimeter-wave 5G.


The other two models only offer sub-6GHz connectivity in the context of the next generation of networking. As only Verizon's 5G network leverages that tech in the U.S., Visible's understandably not committing to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. On the other hand, Verizon's subsidiary will apparently retail the regular Galaxy S20 several weeks before Verizon itself does.

Even if that wasn't the case, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is far from a natural fit for Visible's target audience. Prepaid users in the U.S. are hardly a demographic that regularly pays a premium for the latest and greatest smartphones. Even the regular Galaxy S20 will likely be a tough sell to many Visible customers.

Samsung Galaxy S family in the year of visible price hikes

While often mentioned along with U.S. MVNOs, Visible is actually a Verizon-owned prepaid brand launched two years back. Besides aggressive pricing plans, its main draw is accessibility; joining Visible is as simple as visiting its website or downloading its app. The firm's offerings include truly unlimited data, calls, and texts.


As for Samsung's latest handset series, the Galaxy S20 line raises the quality bar in nearly every way imaginable. From camera performance and build quality to software and AI, the new smartphones focus on premium experiences across the board.

The privilege of enjoying that technological leap is, unfortunately, dependent on your willigness to swallow another major annual price hike. Again, the new phablets start at nearly $1,000 in the U.S.

Samsung's decision not to release a Galaxy S10e successor shows its near-term flagship strategy is becoming bolder. Only time will tell if that approach pays off, though the Galaxy S20 family likely won't be a huge hit among U.S. prepaid customers no matter what.