The UK Decision Over Huawei's 5G Is Justified: Foreign Secretary

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In the face of US criticism regarding the UK Huawei decision over its 5G network, British foreign secretary Dominic Raab says the move is justified.

The UK's decision over Huawei 5G is justified

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the UK's decision is best. "We were absolutely clear and looked at it very carefully that there is nothing in the decision we took that would inhibit or disrupt in any way whatsoever the Five Eyes intelligence sharing.

And there is nothing in the approach that we're taking that would have an impact on, for example, the sharing of sensitive data," Raab said in a Canberra interview.


The Five Eyes intelligence sharing to which Raab refers concerns five international countries. These are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States. Raab says that limiting Huawei won't compromise the Five Eyes alliance. Keeping Huawei on the network periphery won't compromise important data.

Raab supports limiting Huawei's influence over 5G to the periphery instead of the core. The Foreign Secretary says that the country made a technical decision. The technical decision is based on examining the network.

In the country's examination, Huawei can work on the outer components. The core components can have secure vendors without excluding Huawei altogether.

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UK decision is questionable

The UK made a decision it considers sensible. And yet, some don't see it that way. After all, if the UK wants a secure 5G network, why allow a questionable vendor to build it? Truth be said, Huawei hasn't been proved to be at fault regarding almost anything, so there's that.

Even with a small influence over the UK's 5G network, security issues can still arise. There's no guarantee that Huawei's minimal access won't still negatively impact the UK's 5G network. But, as we said, Huawei's blame hasn't been proven, so perhaps the UK doesn't have such concerns.

The UK can use Huawei for its peripheral network but must use Ericsson and Nokia for the remainder. And yet, if the UK must use Nokia and Ericsson anyway, why not just exclude Huawei altogether? The only reason to use Huawei for 5G is to save money.


Huawei has the most inexpensive 5G telecom gear on the market. Sure, the UK can use Huawei and save money, but it might end up paying more to restore security later. When it comes to security, one either pays up-front or pays later. Everyone pays in some form or another.

Though the UK stands by its decision, the United States disagrees. The US is discouraging its allies from using Huawei in 5G network deployments. To help ward off Huawei's hegemony in 5G and its budding research in 6G, the Trump administration is currently considering gaining a controlling stake in Ericsson or Nokia or both.

US Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger met with UK ministers on January 13th to present a dossier of information that contradicts Britain's Huawei findings.