This Wyze Tracker Lets You Control Your Smart Home Via Alexa

Wyze Band Alexa

Wyze is a company that specializes in smart home products, but it’s dipping a toe in the waters of wearables and is apparently going to release a new fitness tracker that can also control your smart home products via Alexa.

The company hasn’t talked a whole lot about the product yet. It even says as much in a new blog post that went up on its web page back on February 17. It does talk about it though to a small degree.

While not giving too much detail out to the public, Wyze does confirm the device is coming, and it even breaks down a little of what it can do.


The Wyze band lets you control devices with Alexa or just a tap

When it comes to smart home products controlling them hands free is the name of the game. It’s much more convenient and sometimes you literally just have your hands full, but still might need to turn on a light or two.

The Wyze band will let you do just that all by asking Alexa to do it for you. In fact it won’t just control Wyze devices. It’ll let you control any device that has Alexa built-in.

If you do have your hands free and you just don’t want to get up or trudge to other end of the home, a simple tap will let you control any Wyze product you have installed. Such as the Wyze Cam, Plug, Bulb, or Sense.


It should control any of the upcoming products that Wyze has in the pipeline too, so long as they’re all out around the same time.

Beta testing is just around the corner

Wyze hasn’t set a date for the release of this new tracker yet. It has however given a hint on how far off it may be from a launch.

The company says that it “just completed a round of hardware testing.” It’s also confirmed that it’s looking at setting up a beta phase soon. However it doesn’t have any general time frame to share on that either.


Considering this the Wyze Band is probably a good ways off. And consumers shouldn’t expect it to launch anytime before the second half of the year.

In addition to controlling your various smart home products, the band is also a tracker. It can track your sleep, heart rate, and steps. And it can even provide basic information on the display like temperature as well as create alarms, according to Dave Zatz who posted a first look video on YouTube about the band.