The Samsung Galaxy S20 Will Have Spotify Integrations Too

Samsung Galaxy S20 AM AH 14

Earlier today Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 series along with the new Galaxy Buds+ that come with one-touch Spotify access, and it turns out the Galaxy S20 will have easy-access integration as well.

This makes Spotify the perfect music streaming service for Galaxy device owners. Especially since it comes pre-installed on Galaxy devices.

With the new integration, users will be able to access Spotify from the phone in a number of ways. All of which will have their own unique take on bringing you the music you love to listen to.


Spotify will have direct integration with Samsung Keyboard

This should apply to all current and recent Galaxy devices with the latest version of the app. Samsung Keyboard will have integrations with Spotify that allow you to easily share your favorite music with friends and family.

From the keyboard, you’ll be able to search directly for songs, albums, and playlists. From there you can then generate a link to share them.

When users click those links, they’ll be taken to the Spotify app if it’s already installed on their phone. If the app is installed, users will be taken to the page for whatever music was shared.


If they don’t have any account though, they’ll be taken to the Spotify website to set up an account and then will be able to access the music.

Wake up to Spotify tunes through Samsung Clock alarms

Spotify is already integrated with the Google Clock app on Android devices and now Samsung Clock users will have the same feature.

This will allow you to set up alarms with music from Spotify. That way you’re able to wake up to the sounds of your favorite music instead of the alarm sounds that are baked into the device.


You won’t need a Spotify Premium account to access the feature, but you will have more control over what you hear. If you’re premium, you can select the songs or playlists you want and songs will play in order.

If you’re a free user though then everything will play in Shuffle mode just like when you’re streaming music through the app.

Spotify will also be getting Bixby Routines. With these, you can set up Spotify playlists for every single part of the day. All of the phone-related integrations will also be available on the Galaxy Z Flip. Not just the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.