The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Has "Next-Level Gaming" Features


Samsung amped up its efforts with gaming on the Galaxy Note 10, but it's turning things up even more with the Galaxy S20 series. The company just announced the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra at Unpacked, and highlights the gaming prowess of all three.

The company says that the phones have "next level gaming" features, boasting things like a 120Hz refresh rate for the display.

That isn't all these phones have to offer to mobile gamers though. Samsung has taken more of a keen approach to gaming and wants consumers who look for these kinds of gaming features to know it.


Galaxy S20 gaming features include an AI game booster

One of the benefits of the Galaxy S20 series when it comes to mobile gaming will be the game booster.

This is powered by artificial intelligence and will no doubt enhance the experience of gaming on the device for players. At this time however Samsung hasn't shared exactly how the feature will improve things.

Nor has it expanded upon what sort of functions it will add to the device. All three versions of the Galaxy S20 will also come with 12GB of RAM.


For memory on phones, that's a pretty vast amount. And Samsung even baked in the ability to lock the RAM down so the phone doesn't clear it out.

Meaning you can dedicate all or most of it to the gaming experience when you're playing.

Expect less input lag thanks to improved touch response

Input lag is the death of a good gaming experience. As with it, it becomes much harder to do everything from control your characters to executing your attacks or abilities properly.


Samsung has developed the Galaxy S20 series phones with an improved touch response rate. Which translates to less input lag in games when using touch controls.

This isn't important in every single game. But it's extremely important in games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG MOBILE, or the upcoming League of Legends Wild Rift. Where PvP and ranked competitive play are the main sources of the game content.

In these sorts of games, even a little bit of input lag can mean the difference between winning and losing. So it's important when anything is done to lessen this.


This paired with the new 120Hz refresh rate display on all three versions of the phone is going to make gaming on the Galaxy S20 series a fairly smooth experience.