TCL Made A Phone With A Slide Out Display


TCL decided that foldables were so last year, so it made a phone with a slide out display.

It was supposed to show this off at MWC next week, but since the GSMA decided to cancel the show, well here are some leaked renders of the device.

TCL has been working on some rather interesting devices in the past few years. Though, none of its foldables have actually made it to market yet, and now they are looking to try their hand at a slide out display smartphone.


This is a prototype, and thus has no name yet

A lot of the time at these trade shows, journalists get to see early prototypes of new smartphones and other gadgets. And it appears that this was going to be one of those. While readers may not have heard much about this smartphone at MWC, journalists would have.

This smartphone has a sliding display, which is unlike anything we have ever see before.

It appears to use one continuous display, that also melts over the edges. Similar to the waterfall displays that we've been hearing are going to be a big trend in 2020.


Towards the right side of the device, in the bezel, there is a break, where you can then pull it apart to slide the display open. Now since this was a leak and not an official announcement from TCL, there's very little detail on how this would actually work. But the display does look to be pretty good. Without any creases or any interruptions. Other than the hole punch for the camera in the upper right-hand corner.

It could be shown at IFA in the fall

With MWC officially being cancelled, many might be wondering when TCL might be showing this phone off officially.

The next major trade show isn't until the fall, and it's IFA which takes place in Berlin, Germany. Now it's possible that TCL does decide to show this off before then, at a separate event. Though, that's not something they've done in the past few years. However, they do need to give everyone more info on the new TCL 10 series it teased at CES. As that was supposed to be officially announced at MWC next week too.


The cancellation of MWC has thrown a lot of companies plans into disarray, and TCL is just one of many that are struggling to change their plans for everything it planned to announce in Barcelona.