Stadia Will Be Preloaded Onto The Next ASUS ROG Phone


ASUS and Google have a new partnership with Stadia that will see the Stadia app preloaded onto the next phone in the ROG series.

This would be the device that is a followup to the ROG Phone II that ASUS launched last year. Which also recently gained support for Stadia alongside the ROG Phone and quite a few other devices.

Officially the support for more phones went live today, February 20, though some users reported the expanded support opening up yesterday evening. This new partnership with ASUS though points to a potentially even brighter future for Stadia.


Stadia ROG Phone partnership could lead to deals with other brands

This partnership is a win for Google and Stadia, as it could eventually lead to similar deals with other brands.

The report that mentions the partnership notes that ASUS will be preloading the Stadia app onto all future ROG Phone devices too. Starting with the next phone in the lineup that is said to be coming later this year.

ASUS does mention the partnership on its ROG North America Twitter account. Albeit without giving any details about it, nor does it mention anything about future phones getting the preloaded app.


It's also stated that the partnership will only extend to devices released in certain countries. So that means that not every region where the next phone is sold will have the app installed on it out of the box.

That makes sense. As the partnership countries are all the countries where Stadia can currently be purchased.

The Stadia partnership continues through 2021

The partnership will extend to 14 different countries, including the US, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Ireland.


It will also continue until 2021, too. Which means it'll last for at least the remainder of this year and through the release of whatever the next ROG Phone is called. It's also possible that the partnership could be amended if Stadia becomes available in new countries later this year.

What isn't mentioned is whether or not this partnership is an exclusivity thing. If it is, then Google may not be able to enter any similar partnerships with other manufacturers. At least not until deal is over with ASUS.

Then again there may be no contract in place preventing Google from striking similar deals with additional phone brands. If that happened, then other top phone manufacturers could start releasing phones with the Stadia app preloaded as well.