Stadia Timed Exclusive 'Spitlings' Will Launch On February 25


Google has just officially announced that one of its timed exclusive games, 'Spitlings', will launch on Stadia on February 25.

Spitlings will be the second game to launch on Stadia so far this year. With the first having been Monster Energy Supercross 3 which launched on the platform back on February 4.

It'll also be a nice little addition to the platform thanks to what should be the next game to launch exactly one week later – DOOM Eternal. That is, if the Stadia version launches on the same day as every other platform.


The Spitlings launch next week is priceless

Indie games can be overlooked sometimes and that's a shame. Because some of them are very good and well-deserving of attention.

A lot of the time they're also not as expensive as AAA games. Spitlings doesn't currently have a price to go along with the February 25 release date. However because it's a smaller indie title it will probably be available at a cost much lower than your standard $59.99.

The (likely) smaller price in particular is one good reason that this game could be a good value. Bolstered by the fact that you can play with up to three other people locally for some good old fashioned, friendly couch co-op.


Of course the friendly nature of the game may only last if everyone keeps a cool head. Spitlings doesn't just feature a co-op gameplay option. It also forces everyone to restart the match of just one person gets hit by a bubble.

Spitlings has "dozens of hours of gameplay"

If the couch co-op wasn't enough to get you excited, then loads of replayable content should be.

In a Q & A with the game's developers, it was revealed that Spitlings will offer dozens of hours of gameplay for players. It will also feature a bunch of unlockable Spitlings to give players something to chase. They will be over 100 up for grabs.


Players will have a more challenging version of every story level to complete as well if things are feeling a little too easy. Just like some older arcade games.

In fact older arcade games were a big part of the game's inspiration during the development period. Milan Pingel, one of the founders the studio behind the game, says that the team wanted to bring the "experience of old arcade games into modern days."

Indeed, arcade games are a timeless classic genre. Even if you didn't grow up playing them, spending countless hoursĀ inĀ arcades on top of playing the games on a retro home console, they're still enjoyable because they're so easy to get into.


If you're eager to give Spitlings a try, you can grab it from the Stadia store the morning of February 25. With the game likely launching right around 9AM Pacific Standard Time.