Stadia Adds Three Games To Pro For March, Including Two New Games

Stadia Controller 2

Stadia is adding three games to the Pro lineup for the March free games, making this the biggest offering of free titles in one month so far. As every month since launch has included just two titles.

Back before the launch of the Stadia service, Google did also confirm that it would be giving away at least one game every month. All you needed was to stay subscribed to Pro to snag them.

This is one area where Google has under-promised and over-delivered. It has consistently given away more than one game every month. A major positive for the service.


Stadia needs all the positives it can get, too. A rocky launch filled with a small (yet growing) games lineup and late code deliveries led to some unhappy consumers. Even though it might be small, three games for free as a Pro member is a good thing. Two of those games are new as well.

Stadia Pro games for March include SteamWorld Dig 2 & SteamWorld Quest

One of the games that will be free in March is GRID. The other two though are SteamWorld Dig 2, and SteamWorld Quest, two of the four games in the SteamWorld franchise that Google announced last week that would be coming to Stadia “soon.”

These will all be available to claim and play on March 1. As for the timing, it’s likely at or around 9AM Pacific Standard Time as this is when all other games on Stadia have launched so far.


Interestingly enough neither SteamWorld Dig or SteamWorld Heist were mentioned as coming to the service on the same day. So it seems these two are still “coming soon” and will release at a later time.

If that’s the case, it seems like a bit of an odd move. Given that the second game in the series is coming out first. And since all four were announced together, you would think that the plan would be to launch them all at the same time.

New deals for Pro members & Spitlings for $15

In addition to the March Pro games coming on Sunday, there’s another new game on Stadia and you can actually pick it up right now. Spitlings.


It should already be in the Stadia store to purchase and it’ll set you back just $15. There’s also a handful of new deals for Pro member discounts if you’ve been waiting to pick up any games.

For a limited time Pro members can grab Borderlands 3 for $30. They can also grab the Deluxe or Super Deluxe editions for $40 or $50 respectively. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be just $25, Kine can be purchased for $10, Shadow of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition will be $19.80, and Wolfenstein Youngblood will be $20.09.

All three editions of NBA 2K20 will be on sale too, starting at $19.80 for the Standard edition, then bumping up to the Digital Deluxe edition for $26.40, and then finally the Legend edition for $33.