Stadia Gets Five New Games Soon, Including Panzer Dragoon Remake


If there's one thing that Stadia lacks over all else, it's games, but Google is about to remedy that a little with new titles coming soon, including the Panzer Dragoon Remake.

Today on the Stadia Community Forum, and in an email, Google highlighted new games coming to the service. Three of these are Stadia timed exclusives, meaning you'll only be able to play them on Stadia for a while.

One of the timed exclusives is Spitlings, a game which Google announced months ago. However there are a couple of games which Google hasn't announced before today.


Panzer Dragoon Remake is a new Stadia title

Panzer Dragoon itself is not a new game. Having first launched for the Sega Saturn more than two decades ago.

The remake is new though, and was announced last year as a title coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam, and other consoles. Now it's officially coming to Stadia too.

Arm yourself and take out aliens in Serious Sam Collection

Serious Sam is a series of games that tasks you with killing aliens to save the planet.


It's an over the top gore-fest that has been completely remastered with newer HD graphics over the years, and the Collection version packs three games into one offering.

While it's a game you can enjoy completely single player, it does have 4-player local co-op and 16-player online modes. Whether or not you've played any of the Serious Sam games before, you're bound to get some enjoyment out of it when it launches.

Google hasn't said anything about what the actual release date is, but then again it hasn't mentioned exact release dates for any of these five titles. At least not beyond the fact that they're arriving "soon."


These three games will arrive on Stadia first

The "Stadia-First" games that are launching in the coming months are the above-mentioned Spitlings, as well as Stacks on Stacks on Stacks, and finally Lost Words: Beyond The Page.

All three of these games are indie titles. So they won't necessarily drive the excitement that big budget AAA games do. That doesn't mean they won't be fun to play. Some indie titles are complete gems. And there's a good chance at least one of these will be a great game.

In addition to these five games, Get Packed is another title landing soon. Just yesterday the developers teased an upcoming launch by tweeting about a Stadia giveaway.