Stadia Gets Backtrace Support For Crash & Error Reporting


Stadia now has support for Backtrace, a crash and error reporting system to help developers fix issues in games.

Hailed as the "only truly cross-platform system of its kind," Backtrace should make it much easier for developers to ensure a smooth gaming experience on Google's cloud gaming platform.

Backtrace is also used by publishers like EA and Respawn, and is supported on console systems like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and even PC and mobile. Meaning they have plenty of experience as a crash management solution service.


Backtrace is the only solution to provide this kind of support on Stadia

One of the main reasons this is a big deal for the platform is because Backtrace is the only solution of its kind that supports Stadia. For now at least.

While it doesn't seem that many users have had issues with game crashes since the service launched in November, that doesn't mean they don't happen. And now users have a way to better report those issues.

Which means developers will have a way to more quickly identify those issues and make sure there's a fix out as soon as possible.


This is going to be increasingly important once more people are using Stadia. Something which is bound to happen once the free Stadia Base tier launches.

Backtrace helps developers resolve issues much faster

Backtrace says that it helps developers to resolve issues much faster than before. How much faster?

According to the company, at an increase of 50-percent to 90-percent. That's compared to before having support for and using Backtrace. That translates to players getting issues resolved faster which means they can get back on the game faster too.


So that's a win-win all around. Backtrace also states that the solution it provides can help developers prioritize all issues. As well as get them fixed within minutes.

That's good news for any developer who either has games on Stadia or is planning to port them over. Especially since the service is still in its earlier stages, having only launched back in November of 2019.

With Backtrace on the platform at this earlier stage, developers will be better equipped to tackle any crash and error reporting issues that may pop up later on.


As of right now this isn't something that affects the players too much. And it's entirely possible that the affects will be minimal. If Backtrace works as quickly as advertised. Letting developers respond fast enough to problems when and if they arise.