Stadia Base May Come With Free 1-Month Pro Trial

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Stadia Base could be just around the corner and it looks like it may come with a free 1-month trial of Pro for those who decide to take the leap and signup.

While this hasn’t been confirmed by Google, a recent look at the code of the latest version of the Stadia app reveals that this could be the case.

Google has already confirmed that Stadia Base was coming this year, so that’s nothing new. It has not however mentioned the launch date yet, only that it would be within the next few months. So anyone hoping to give it a try has been left waiting and wondering. The wait may be over soon.


Stadia Base registration code was found in the app

With the latest version of the Stadia app, 9To5Google found strings of code that allude to the free tier opening up for registration.

The code also points to users not needing an activation code like Pro members are currently required to have to use the service. Since it’s not actually an option that’s available in the app yet, Base is obviously not quite ready.

But the inclusion of the registration option for Stadia’s free version does suggest that Google is close to rolling it out. And that’s great news for anyone who isn’t a Pro member.


It’s also good news for Google if it is in fact close to launching Base. Stadia hasn’t had the best launch. In fact it was quite the opposite with everything from a lack of promised features to a small library of games. The free tier at the very least would likely spur people to give the service a try.

The free month of Stadia Pro would be the hook here

Even with Stadia being available for free to try, weary consumers may still shy away from it due to the negativity that has surrounded Stadia since the beginning.

Especially since no one is in the habit of spending money on something they could immediately stop using if things don’t work out as they hoped. This is where the free month of Stadia Pro could really grab people’s attention.


It would allow consumers to skirt the requirement of buying any games for at least 30 days. And because they would have a free month of Pro, they would get at least one game for free to play on Stadia for that entire month.

If things didn’t work out, no harm done as they didn’t have to spend any money. But if things worked out surprisingly well, Google more than likely just earned a customer. Whether for a continued Pro membership or for full game purchases on the Base tier.

Google might set limits on Base signups in the beginning

Another piece of information found in the code of the Stadia app hints at possible limits for signups. At least in the beginning.


This would not be too different from Google’s decision to limit access to the service to people that were willing to buy in. The end result is that it has a little more control over how things run, and potentially ensures that there isn’t such a large jump in users that things get bogged down.

New features on the horizon?

Stadia doesn’t just need its free option. It needs more of the features that were discussed prior to the launch. One of those things is the ability to stream to YouTube so people could watch others play.

And it looks like that may be just around the corner too. As strings of code were found in the app that suggest it’s being prepped, with the app including buttons to turn on streaming.


It also might be possible to finally download any captures that you save. Something which you can’t currently do. You can capture images and video if you play on Chromecast, but you can’t actually download them. They just sit in the Stadia app. Which makes them next to impossible to share unless you take a screenshot of the phone.

Now it looks like sharing your captures will be more seamless soon. This might just be a quality of life feature. That doesn’t make it any less exciting to see it being added in the near future.

One thing is certain. Google needs this Base option and the features to arrive sooner rather than later. As it would be a big help.