Spotify Has A New Refreshed Look Android Users Can Look Forward To

AH Spotify new logo 1

Spotify is getting a new refreshed look for Android sometime in the near future. Though it’s actually rolling out as of today for iOS users.

This isn’t going to be a major refresh of the app’s design on mobile. Rather it will incorporate some smaller changes that are meant to make the design more meaningful and introduce some ease of use.

The design changes will be noticeable and not as subtle as you may think though. Spotify says there are three specific changes that users will be able to pick up on and should keep an eye out for as these are the core pieces of the new look that will be coming to Android.


The new look for Spotify on Android will have easy to use action rows

The easy to use action row is a big focus with this refreshed design. And, once users start to interact with them they’ll probably see why Spotify wanted to introduce this particular change.

Using basically any of the most interacted with features will be part of this row. Spotify took big features such as the “like,” “play,” and “download” buttons and grouped them all up in the middle of the app’s UI at the bottom of the page.

Once this new design actually comes to Android, you’ll see everything below the big album art graphic. As it stands right now, the like button is off to the side of the UI just above the track progress bar. The new look will basically make it more centralized.


The download button too will be a lot easier to find since it’ll be part of this row, and it’s got a new icon as well. It’s presented as a downward-facing arrow, which is more in line with how other apps or services portray the download function. More or less, it’s more recognizable.

Track rows with cover art and a new more universal Shuffle Play button

Another nifty change that Spotify has made is fusing the play button and shuffle button together

They’re still technically separate buttons you can press, but now they’re grouped up and look like one single button. You have the larger green play button with a smaller shuffle icon that’s laid on top. You can press the play button to simply play tracks, or touch the smaller shuffle icon section if you’d rather shuffle songs.


You can also hit the shuffle icon at any time during regular playback if you want to enable it.

Lastly there’s the new track rows, which will now display the cover art along with the names of tracks so users can more easily and visually identify their favorite songs. This will be visible in all areas except in album view.

The like heart will also be displayed by any tracks that you’ve liked before so you can identify those as well.