Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 Launches In May


SEGA is close to releasing its upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game on mobile devices, called 'Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020, and it launches in May.

SEGA announced the upcoming game back in 2019, stating that it would launch the game the following year in the Spring. That makes sense given the game is based on the Olympic games that are happening in Japan later this year.

It's also perfect timing for SEGA. Sonic fans too. Because the Sonic movie just launched last week on February 14 and it seems to be getting plenty of praise. That will give Sonic At The Olympic Games a good four months to sit in the shadow of the film's success before it launches.


Sonic At The Olympic Games launches on May 7

A few days ago SEGA released the latest trailer for this game. And in it, you get a few more details about gameplay as well as an actual launch day. Which is May 7.

Now that there's an official release, players can get amped up by checking out the trailer. You can also pre-register for the game on Google Play now. SEGA doesn't mention if there's any rewards for pre-registration, but there usually is for most games.

When the game arrives it'll be a free title from SEGA. That being said, SEGA does state that an in-game purchase will be "necessary to play the full game." So that probably means that there will be a one-time micro transaction that unlocks everything, similar to how there was with Super Mario Run.


There are over 15 events and tons of mini games

It looks like there will be a lot to do in this game. First, there are over 15 different events to compete in, including Karate, Table Tennis, Hammer Throw, Diving, Sport Climbing, Long Jump and more.

There are tons of mini games too, which will keep things even more varied. You also have online play against other players from around the globe, leaderboards, and even EX difficulty for events to give yourself more of a challenge.

When it comes to characters expect all of the most iconic ones to appear. Such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and more.


What isn't clear at the moment is how you will be able to obtain those other characters. So they could be unlockable by simply playing, or you may only be able to acquire them through something like a gacha mechanic or by buying them outright as IAPs.

If you're interested in pre-registering, you can do so by hitting the Google Play button below.