Sol Republic Amp Air+ Earbuds Feature ANC & Deep Bass


SOL Republic has a new pair of truly wireless earbuds out called the Amp Air+ and they come with ANC.

This isn't the company's first pair of truly wireless earbuds but it is the first pair that comes with active noise cancellation. That's also part of the reason why these earbuds are being priced at $199.

The same cost as the company's Soundtrack Pro ANC headphones that launched earlier this year. You can already pick the Amp Air+ up on both Amazon and on the SOL Republic website as well.


SOL Republic Amp Air+ earbuds should deliver better sound thanks to the ANC

Features like Active Noise Cancellation tend to make headphones and earbuds more expensive, but they also tend to help deliver a better experience.

Because of the ANC users can pop these in and block everything else out. Ensuring they can isolate the sound coming out of the earbuds and really listen to what's playing.

This helps immensely if you're wearing these in noisier environments. Like busy airports, or outside while running with cars passing by. Nothing ruins the listening experience more than loud travelers or busy traffic.


The Amp Air+ have 6 hours of onboard battery life

Battery life has gotten a lot better on truly wireless earbuds, and that seems to have been a big focus on the Amp Air+.

SOL Republic states that this new pair of truly wireless earbuds was designed for longer listening sessions. To that end, they'll deliver 6 hours of battery life on a single charge. That's also with the ANC on, meaning they'll last even longer with it off, around 8 hours.

Users can extend that battery life to 18 hours with the ANC or 24 hours without the ANC by charging the earbuds with the case. That should provide most users with an ample amount of juice until they can plug the case back in.


The earbuds even support quick charge features, delivering around 2 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. That in and of itself is really the more important part, because who doesn't have at least 15 minutes to plug something in. That's a quick coffee break.

The Amp Air+ are IPX4 sweat resistant, so you can take them running or to your workouts, but shouldn't let them be submerged. SOL Republic is selling the Amp Air+ in three different colors. Black, Champagne, and Silver. They also come with additional ear tips in different sizes to ensure the best fit for a majority of users.

SOL Republic Amp Air+ - Amazon - $199