Keep Your Passwords Safe For just $3/Month With 1Password

1Password Deal AH

Sign Up for 1Password and protect all of your accounts online, for as little as $2.99 per month. Considering how much damage hacked passwords can do to you, $3 per month is worth the trade off.

With 1Password, you’re going to be able to protect all of your accounts. It will save your logins across the Internet, and keep it in a locked and encrypted vault. 1Password offers unlimited space for password items, and other content that you want to keep secure. Like your debit card PIN number and much more.

1Password also has apps for just about every platform you can imagine. That includes Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and much more. So even in your browser, you can easily login to your different accounts.


On mobile, it will make it much easier to sign into all of your apps, as you only need to remember your 1Password password. Just use your fingerprint and you are good to go. It also supports face unlock on the Pixel 4, as of last November. Making it one of a couple of password managers that do.

If you’ve deleted a password, don’t worry, you have 365 days to retrieve and restore that password. This is a good thing if you’ve deleted a password by mistake and need it back.

1Password is also available for families and businesses. This means that you can make sure that your family members and employees are safe and sound too. It also means that you can share passwords with them, and still keep them secure. For instance, if you share a Netflix account with your family members, you can do that with 1Password, without actually sharing it – where others can get it.


You can sign up for 1Password here, and you can also try it free for $30 days. Prices start at $2.99 when you pay annually – that’s $36 per year.