Samsung's Galaxy S10 Series Gets Nice Discounts Today


Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S20 series of phones today at Unpacked. So now's your chance to save some cash on the Galaxy S10 family of devices, which the company is giving some nice discounts to.

The Galaxy S20 is the new and improved device in the S series, but the Galaxy S10 series is still very capable and comes with some great features. Samsung also knows that there's generally no better time to drive up sales numbers than after announcing new devices.

While many will be focused on getting the latest and greatest, if you're on an older device than the Galaxy S10, Samsung's new discounts for it and the other variations of it start as of today.


Galaxy S10 discounts begin today and start at $599

If you need an upgrade and you don't have to go for the absolute latest device, you can step into a Galaxy S10e for $599. That's down from the price of $749 that was previously available. Saving you $150.

Samsung is also dropping the prices of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ models if you want more high-end specs.

You can grab the Galaxy S10 for just $749. Which is a discount of $150 down from the regular cost $899. As for the Galaxy S10+, Samsung is discounting this model by $150 as well. You can pick it up for $849 instead of the normal price of $999.


One thing to keep in mind is that these are all for the 128GB models of each phone. If you need or want more storage, the prices and discounts will be a little bit different per device.

These discounts are all coming from the official Samsung website though, so you can easily change and configure the storage to the one you're particularly looking for. Then decide accordingly based on the cost.

The discounts will probably last until Samsung runs out of stock

Samsung won't be selling the Galaxy S10 series forever. Especially now that the S20 is already up for pre-order and will be launching in the near future.


With that said, you may not want to wait on picking up one of the Galaxy S10 models. Since they may not last too long at the newly discounted prices.

If you'd rather spend a little bit more to get one of the Galaxy S20 series phones, Samsung will still give you discounts there too. You can save $100 immediately by pre-ordering the Galaxy S20, or $150 on the Galaxy S20+.

Buy The Galaxy S10 Series - Samsung - From $599