Samsung Has Apparently Revised The Galaxy Z Flip Sales Target

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip render pre launch image 1

The wait is drawing to a close for Samsung’s next phones as the company’s Unpacked event is almost here. In addition to its flagship range, the South Korean giant will also likely announce its next foldable phone tomorrow. Ahead of the launch, a new report has emerged regarding the expected Galaxy Z Flip sales.

Samsung is eyeing 2.5 million Galaxy Z Flip sales, reports Korea Herald. The outlet claims that industry insiders have revealed that Samsung will have a fresh batch of 500,000 units ready initially. And, presumably, if the demand is robust, more production will be greenlit.

Now, while 2.5 million units might not sound a lot in the grand scheme of things, it’s quite good as far as foldable phones are concerned. In fact, given that Samsung hasn’t reached the 1 million mark with its first foldable phone yet, the figure is quite promising.


According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung sold the most number of bendable phones in 2019, followed by Huawei. Other brands like Motorola and TCL have also entered the market recently, although the latter has only demoed a prototype.

Alleged Galaxy Z Flip Sales Predictions Imply Samsung Hasn’t Pinned A Lot Of Hope On The Phone

Back in October 2019, it was reported that Samsung plans to sell around 6 million foldable smartphones this year.  According to that estimate, we would have expected the Galaxy Z Flip to do half of the heavy lifting.

But, given the latest rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip sales, it seems like there has been a change in plans. There could be two reasons behind it.


Samsung probably overestimated the demand for foldable handsets earlier. According to some market research firms, sales of bendable phones will be between 3 million and 5 million units this year.

Or, it could be that Samsung expects more from its third foldable phone than the Galaxy Z Flip.

Recently, during the Oscars, Samsung teased its upcoming bendable device. This one is going to be a vertically folding phone with a small outer display. With a rumored price tag of nearly $1,260, the handset will be more affordable than the Galaxy Fold.


Samsung is apparently going to target young female consumers with this device. While the comparatively lower price can certainly help, one thing can be a deterrent.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the clamshell type phone will likely not have top-tier specs. It will allegedly have the Snapdragon 855 Plus under the hood and a dual rear camera system. This might be a downer for some consumers.

The Galaxy Fold Successor Is Coming Later This Year

Later on, in August, the tech giant is tipped to launch the true Galaxy Fold successor. It will supposedly have the Snapdragon 865 and a 5G chip inside. It will likely get the company’s 108-megapixels camera too.


On top of that, it might also have the S Pen. Theoretically, this sounds like a killer phone, and since it’s supposed to feature ultra-thin glass, there will likely be no display issues either.

If these leaks hold any weight, it’s not hard to see why Samsung doesn’t expect Galaxy Z shipments to exceed those of the Galaxy Fold successor.

Despite its dated chipset and mid-tier specs, the Galaxy Z Flip seems like an attractive device in its own right. The flip phone evokes nostalgia and will likely help Samsung maintain its lead over Huawei in Q1 of 2020.