Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Sold Online Again, Starting Tomorrow


Samsung will be making the Galaxy Z Flip available to purchase online once again, starting tomorrow.

In a press release from the company, it stated that additional units of the Galaxy Z Flip will be made available starting on February 21. Now, Samsung did not mention how many, and given the wording there "additional units" it doesn't sound like there will be a lot. So if you are looking to get your hands on one, you're going to need to be quick.

Samsung also mentioned that the $2400 Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip also sold out rather quickly last weekend.


Some retailers still have stock

Samsung's website sold out of the Galaxy Z Flip pretty quickly, and Best Buy's website did as well. But some stores do still have one or two in stock.

The reason why these stores sold out so quickly is the fact that most of them only got a couple of units. Some Best Buy stores said that they only received two or three Galaxy Z Flip units, which means that they were going to go fast. Especially if there are any YouTubers that live nearby.

The Galaxy Z Flip is likely a lot more popular than Samsung had expected. It's also likely that Samsung decided not to manufacture as many at first, given the issues it had with the Galaxy Fold, and it ended up eating that cost. So it's a smart thing on Samsung's behalf, but it sucks for customers that really want the phone now.


Galaxy S20 pre-orders also start tomorrow

In addition to the Galaxy Z Flip going back on sale tomorrow, pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 also starts tomorrow. With the Galaxy S20 series going on sale on March 6.

Now we're not expecting Samsung to have the same stock issues with the Galaxy S20 series, as it did with the Galaxy Z Flip. Partly because there is a pre-order window, where Samsung can see how many are pre-ordering and ramp up production if needed. That did not happen with the Galaxy Z Flip. It was announced on February 11 and then on sale on February 14.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is actually more expensive than the Galaxy Z Flip, and it's going to be interesting to see which one sells better, in the long run. But it'll likely be the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Most likely because it's something that people know. Foldable phones are still fairly new and are still very fragile.