Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra Is Doing Some Funky Stuff With 960fps Slow-Motion Video

Samsung Galaxy S20 AM AH 9

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra won't have "true" super slow-motion video recording at 960fps. However, the other two, less expensive Galaxy S20 models will.

Seems pretty strange that a $1,400 smartphone can't do super slow-motion recording, when the lesser expensive Galaxy S20 models can. But that's the decision that Samsung made.

Galaxy S20 Ultra does super slow-motion using digital processes

According to the fine print on Samsung's website in the specs section, the Galaxy S20 Ultra apparently will record one second of HD video at 480fps and then it will digitally enhance it to 960fps. This means that it won't look as good as the Galaxy S20 and S20+ super slow-motion video.


On top of that, the Galaxy S20 and S20+ are both capable of recording super slow-motion at full HD, so it's going to look better anyways. Since the Galaxy S20 Ultra does HD or 720p only.

This is unfortunate, especially considering how much this phone costs. But on the flip side, how often are you really going to be recording video in 960fps? Probably not that often, if at all. So it likely won't be a deal breaker for most people.

Galaxy S10 series also shot 960fps this same way

This isn't anything different, compared to the predecessors though. Seeing as the Galaxy S10 series also shot super slow-motion by doing this same thing. Shooting a second of video at 480fps and then digitally enhancing it 960fps. Though it is still a bit strange that the Galaxy S20 and S20+ can do it without any digital enhancement, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra can't – especially since it supposedly has better cameras.


960fps slow-motion video is pretty cool, I'll admit that, but I never really used it on the Galaxy S10 last year, and probably won't use it much on the Galaxy S20 this year. So there's that.

But if you really want good super slow-motion, you're going to want to get the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20+. Which, fortunately, are cheaper than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You'll just have to give up that 100x Space Zoom for the super slow-motion at 1080p.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 series open up next week, February 21. And the devices will be available starting on March 6. The Galaxy S20 is priced at $999, Galaxy S20+ at $1199 and Galaxy S20 Ultra at $1399. These aren't cheap phones, but they are the best phones you can buy, so far in 2020.