Galaxy S20 Pre-orders Start on February 21

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra AM AH 3

Samsung will be starting Galaxy S20 pre-orders on February 21. With the devices being available in-store on March 6. This also means that the Galaxy S20 will likely arrive a couple of days ahead of the March 6 launch date. If you pre-order soon enough.

In the US, Samsung is only selling the 5G models. So no matter which carrier you buy from, it’ll be a 5G model. Samsung is going all-in on 5G this year.

There will be an unlocked version of the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra available. If you’d prefer to use an unlocked model over buying from your carrier.


Starting at $999

Samsung is pricing the Galaxy S20 line pretty high. Starting at $999 for the Galaxy S20.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20+ jumps up to, $1199. And the Galaxy S20 Ultra will set you back $1399.

The Galaxy S20 series all have 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a second variant with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for $1699. That’s a $300 up charge for more RAM and a lot more storage. But remember that the entire Galaxy S20 series has micro SD card support, so you can expand storage, if needed.


These are some of the most expensive smartphones we’ve ever seen (if you don’t count foldables like the Galaxy Fold). Samsung knows this and thinks the Galaxy S20 series is worth the price.

If you pre-order before March 5, you will get a credit for Samsung.com which can be used to buy the new Galaxy Buds+, new cases and much more.

The Galaxy S20 nets you a $100 credit, Galaxy S20+ gets a $150 credit. And finally the Galaxy S20 Ultra will get you a $200 credit.


Samsung isn’t doing any other pre-order bonuses, just credits for its website. Which is actually better as you can choose what you want to buy to go with your Galaxy S20 smartphone.

US carriers will offer their own promos

The four US carriers will likely be announcing their own promotions for the Galaxy S20 series.

Verizon has already informed us that they will announce their promos later this week. And it’s likely that other carriers will soon follow.


Most likely, the US carriers will do some sort of BOGO deal where you can buy a Galaxy S20 and get one of equal or lesser value for free, with monthly bill credits. That will also take out some of the sting of the prices on these phones.