Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Come With 11 Hours Of Audio Playback

Samsung Galaxy Buds plus AM AH 3

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Buds+ at Unpacked today, and they have 11 hours of audio playback on a single charge.

Samsung says this is an industry leading battery life, and while it is long, the Galaxy Buds+ are not the only pair of truly wireless earbuds on the market that can last all day.

The 11-hour battery life is however a first for Samsung. And leagues ahead anything Samsung has put out in the past.


For example, the very first version of the Gear IconX would only last anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours. The Galaxy Buds (Samsung’s 3rd Gen. truly wireless earbuds) were certainly a lot better, but this new model is the best yet.

Galaxy Buds+ audio playback can last up to 22 hours total

While the earbuds themselves can last up to 11 hours on a single charge, with the case they can last up to 22 hours in total.

That’s because the case provides another 11 hours of battery life, which means you’ll have more than enough to keep these charged up for a few days before needing to plug them both in.


Whether or not they hold a charge even after days of no use whatsoever remains to be seen. Many truly wireless earbuds seem to de-charge after a few days even if they just sit on your desk.

So it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung has come up with a product that doesn’t do this.

Four color options & one-touch Spotify shortcuts for under $200

Curious about the cost? Of course you are. Because why wouldn’t you be? If you’re reading about the earbuds then you definitely have some interest in them and may consider purchasing a pair.


When they launch they’ll retail for $149. And for that you will get to choose from four color options, including Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black, Red, and White.

Samsung is also keeping the touch sensitive controls, and has added new features to these such as the one-touch Spotify shortcuts to get you right to the streaming app.

Keep in mind that streaming music to these from your phone will drain the battery faster, which is why Samsung says the battery life is up to 11 hours and not a flat 11 hours no matter how you use the earbuds.


That being said, Spotify will provide you with infinitely more music than what you could store locally on the Galaxy Buds+. And with the longer battery life you shouldn’t have to worry about them dying on you mid-session. Unless you forget to charge them all the time.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Buds+ on March 6 in stores, but they’ll be available a lot earlier online with a release of February 14.