Samsung Galaxy A11 And Galaxy A21 Also Headed To The US

Samsung Galaxy A50 logo DG 05 AH 2019

Samsung reinforced its mid-range and budget smartphone lineups last year by introducing a new Galaxy M series and revamping its existing Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A series, in particular, has been the company’s flag bearer in the two segments. It flooded the market with Galaxy A phones at every price point at that strategy paid off big time.

However, despite enjoying an overwhelmingly high success rate in various markets across the globe, not many A series phones made their way to the US. That looks set to change this year. We already know that the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A01 will be launching stateside at some point. Now a new report suggests they’ll be joined by at least a couple more 2020 Galaxy A phones.

Samsung is planning on making the Galaxy A11 and Galaxy A21 available in the US, XDA’s Max Weinbach said in a tweet recently. The newly launched Galaxy S10 Lite might also launch in the states.


Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy A51, the Galaxy A11 and Galaxy A21 will have both unlocked and carrier-locked versions. It’s unclear whether all major US wireless carriers will sell these two devices or not. Firmware development suggests that the Galaxy A51 will be sold by all four major carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Max says the Galaxy A01 “might” launch on Sprint only. However, FCC certifications last month suggested that Verizon and Metro PCS, T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, may also sell this entry-level Samsung smartphone. The handset will probably launch on other carriers as well.

Not much is known about the Galaxy S10 Lite, as far as its availability in the US is concerned. It’d be interesting to see how people in the states respond to Samsung’s newest barebones Galaxy S flagship.


Price and availability

Samsung is yet to reveal pricing and availability details of any of the four Galaxy A phones talked above. While the Galaxy A01 is Samsung’s entry-level offering for this year, the Galaxy A11 and A21 sit just above it. The Galaxy A51, meanwhile, has the big shoes to fill in of the Galaxy A50.

The Galaxy A50 was among the first of the 2019 A series phones to be released in the US. The handset did decently well in the stateside. The Galaxy A51, which packs just the right amount of upgrades over A50, carries the same price tag as its predecessor.

Samsung also has a 5G variant of the Galaxy A51 in development for South Korea. It remains to be seen if Samsung has plans to bring it to the US as well. We’ll possibly get to know in the coming weeks.