Redbox Brings Its Free Streaming Service to Roku & Other Platforms


Redbox free streaming service is now rolling out as available on a whole range of new devices. The recently reported news follows an earlier announcement that launched the service on the Redbox website and in the Redbox application for Android.

More services are still to be added in the future. But, for now, the company says its streaming service can be viewed on Roku, iPhone, Apple TV, Android-enabled devices, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, and LG Smart TVs. "Android-enabled devices" most likely refers to non-smartphone Android platforms such as Android TV devices.

It isn't immediately clear whether the change is happening server-side or via an update. So TVs will probably require a firmware or software update before the service appears. For TVs with an app market, the Redbox app may need to be installed or could require an update.


Redbox streaming includes plenty of channels but where else does it still need to launch?

From the prior announcement, the company appears to have just one platform left to add in order to meet its promise. Namely, that's Chromecast devices.

Once Chromecast support in place, it should be possible to stream to any television so long as a Chromecast gadget is plugged in. Users would simply need to cast from whatever other platforms they're using to the Google-made device. That should also apply to televisions that have Chromecast built-in.

With regard to what's included, Redbox streaming is a free television-style service entirely supported by advertisements. No log-in is required to gain access to that either. Instead, it's found within the Redbox app under a click on "Free Live TV."


Approximately 30 channels are currently available in Redbox Free Live TV. Those stream movies, TV episodes, and content from TMZ, USA Today, FailArmy, and more are a part of that.

Redbox also offers up three of its own channels, catering to specific content categories. Redbox Rush is well suited for action and adventure fans. The company's Redbox Spotlight is a curated channel. That means it showcases recommendations and featured content. Finally, Redbox Comedy is, as its branding implies, loaded with comedy. That content ranges from movies to stand-up routines.

Redbox enters an already-crowded field here

Redbox is coming to the live tv streaming service game late, compared to much of its competition. While the company also has on-demand paid options to stream movies and content, its competitors in the free side of things are all well established.


Redbox isn't necessarily out of the running, however. Because Redbox Free Live TV is just getting started, it's too early to gauge what impact it will have on existing options. With 30 channels from launch, it's coming out of the gate strong. But it will need to increase its content offerings relatively quickly to keep pace with other apps.

Plex Live TV and Pluto TV are already top names in the market. In the latter case, users gain access to more than 100 channels and thousands of on-demand content. All of that is free to use with ads. Both offerings rank highly among top streaming services overall.